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Space Invader
Photography and Art Direction Alex Blonde at Artsphere Styling Rosana Lai Hair Yumiko Hikage at Agence Saint Germain Make-up Hugo Villard at Agence Saint Germain Model Olivia Ottosen atPremium Models Set Design Justine Ponthieu Production Nolwen Mont
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Pleased to Seat You
At a moment when people can only dream about travel from the comfort of their own homes, Louis Vuitton’s travel-inspired furniture collection, Objets Nomades, offers just the ticket to imaginary adventures. The collection, which launched in 2012, fea
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Tatler Style
Photography Alex Blonde at Artsphere (model) Image Alexandre Hoyos (Chanel) ■
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A Sick Mind
Last spring, as Covid-19 swept into the UK, painter Ken Currie had a crisis. “I was speaking to a lot of artists and people were saying, ‘What’s the point of art? Why are we doing this?’ It seemed like an indulgence to be painting when people are dyi
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The Simple Life
Photography Williams and Hirakawa at Art Department LA Styling Hayley Atkin at The Wall Group Hair Makiko Nara at Walter Schupfer Management Make-up Jo Strettell at Tracey MattinglyModel Helena Severin at Vision Los Angeles Styling Assistant Jenna Re
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Just Good Business
After spending some time with Raphael P Young at Hong Kong’s The Upper House, where we enjoy a stealthy mid-afternoon cocktail together, it becomes obvious that this watch collector is a true original whose character combines passion, precision and p
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Editor's Pick
Richard Mille has announced that the new RM 65-01 is “the most complex timepiece ever to leave” its workshop, which says a lot considering this brand is widely regarded as one of watchmaking’s most technically advanced. This timepiece has been five y
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The Way to Well
A shaman, a yoga instructor and a hypnotherapist walk into The Upper House’s 49th-floor Sky Lounge. Instead of a punchline, the result is pure magic. In the March edition of Tatler’s House Stories, lifestyle editor Coco Marett hosted a panel talk wit
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The Wish List
As temperatures rise, prep for your outdoor adventures with these swanky visors that minimise SPF damage yet maximise style points. April showers bring May flowers but, until then, invest in luxe rain gear to help you brave the storm. Seventies clogs
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5 Healing Crystals and Their Properties
Purple amethyst is one of my favourite crystals and I often incorporate it into my designs. The amethyst I use comes predominantly from Brazil, where they have many mines. This stone is quite hard and dense, which is why it’s widely used in crystal j
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Pierre Hardy
Tell us about Lignes Sensibles. It’s inspired by immaterial things, like an emotion, a thrill, a caress or the simple feeling of a hand in your hair. I asked myself how I could transform these things into jewellery, because I think that those moment
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So, You Want to Open a Winery?
Even among the most contented residents of the urban jungle, who has not fantasised about owning a picturesque little patch of land somewhere and dipping a toe in a more pastoral existence? Imagine hand-nurturing a wine from vineyard to bottle, or un
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Around Asia
On the cover of Tatler Hong Kong is Claire Hsu, the co-founder and executive director of Asia Art Archive (AAA), who introduces a major exhibition AAA is opening this month and discusses her plans to hand the organisation to a new leader. tatlerhongk
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Thinking Big
Xie Jinglan, who is better known as Lalan, was a pioneer of modern dance, electronic music and abstract painting, whose work drew inspiration from ancient Chinese landscape art. For more than 15 years she was married to fellow painter Zao Wou-ki, wit
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Tatler Features
Photography Athul Prasad (portrait) Image 20th Century Studios (still) ■
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Refresh the Feed
At this unconventional sushi bar in Central, chef Masataka “Masa” Fujisawa focuses on using dry-aged fish and seafood, such as uni that is cured for three days in edible konbu kelp before being used to top nigiri. Other highlights are the full sake c
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Tatler Report
Introduced by Van Cleef & Arpels in the 1970s, the Hellébore collection showcases flowers that are hewn from cuts of pink coral, mother-of-pearl and chalcedony. Fully set with diamonds outlined by yellow gold, these pieces are a dazzling ode to the f
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Hidden Hemp
In many ways, Causeway Bay is the ideal location for a shop selling cannabidiol, or CBD, products. The hectic streets and crowded crossings of the brightly lit shopping mecca are in deep need of a little relaxation, which can now be found in a unique
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Tatler Tales
KEEN-EYED HIKERS OR RESIDENTS OFTHETAITAMAREA may have done a double take after spotting a familiar Hong Kong icon floating in the southern harbour. “Dot” is a converted 1988 Star Ferry currently on the market for HK$21 million. Broker Miles Clark re
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Scents of Adventure
Chloé senior perfumer Alexis Dadier remembers the day his fascination with Egypt began. His grandparents had returned from a trip to the northeast African country, bringing him papyrus covered with hieroglyphics as a souvenir. Years later, Dadier him
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Transforming Watercolour into a Weavable Pattern
When Mrs Liu said, “Meiyou, meiyou”, I knew for some daft reason, while it may not have been done before, it must be possible. The trick was how to do it. What tools and notions had to be used and how to find them. Again, good luck pursued us. After
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A New Light
Galloping full speed into the Year of the Ox, art collectors Saniza Othman and Michael Yong-Haron hosted a private viewing of Nature as Teacher and Model, an exhibition dedicated to Yong Mun Sen, a renowned Malaysian artist and Yong-Haron’s grandfath
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Hello, It’s Me, Trousers
Last year, designers faced an unprecedented challenge in predicting what our predilections would be come spring. In the throes of the global pandemic, it was a toss-up whether we’d be unleashed into society, heels clicking, or borderline feral, still
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Reverso Tribute Duoface Fagliano by Jaeger-LeCoultre
The Reverso Tribute Duoface Fagliano’s limited series number—190 pieces—pays tribute to the fact that 2021 is the 90th anniversary of the Reverso’s debut. Since its launch in 1931, the collection has been strapped to the wrists of everyone from Holly
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Tater Report
Beloved British eyewear label Linda Farrow joins forces with Paco Rabanne this month on a retro line of sunglasses inspired by the film Thelma & Louise and its iconic scenes of Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon speeding through the desert in a convertib
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The Guest List
Photographer Austin Hargrave began his career shooting for a local newspaper in the UK. He spent several years travelling the world chasing news, covering everything from earthquakes and tsunamis to the Iraq War. For Tatler, Hargrave shot film direct
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Ready for Lift-off
Business owners who want their bar, shop or restaurant to leave a lasting impression on customers often seek out the services of Nelson Chow. He and his company NC Design and Architecture (NCDA) have been showered with awards for designing beautiful
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Gilded Gems
Known for extravagant designs steeped in symbolism, Austy Lee Art Jewellery tells a story with each creation. Two new gilded pieces, inspired by anthropological literature and ancient folklore, depict moments in history using the art of gold lacquer.
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Shoot For The Moon
Phoebe Hui fishes out a screwdriver from her jumbled toolbox and uses it to connect wires to four tiny sockets on a robot’s arm. She flicks a switch and the arm suddenly animates, bringing life to a room filled with other mechanical curios, including
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3 Largest Rough Diamonds in the World
The Cullinan Diamond weighed 3,106 carats when it was discovered in South Africa in 1905. It was three times larger than any other gem-quality diamond that had been discovered and the mine's manager allegedly believed the stone was a fake and threw i
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