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Leaders Onward ! , Young
On October 1, we unveiled the 29 honourees from Malaysia on the Gen.T List 2020 at an intimate event at OpenHouse KLCC. They are part of the 400-strong list of honourees this year—a culmination of extensive market research, consulting with the panel
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Minju Kim
How did you first realise you wanted to work in fashion? I studied fashion, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to become a fashion designer; I was more passionate about drawing. Then Walter Van Beirendonck, the head of the Fashion Department at the Royal Ac
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Life On The Seashore
As a child, I spent numerous summers with my family holidaying along the Red Sea Riviera. Famous for its ancient rock art and breathtaking ruins, it’s also where you’ll find some of Egypt’s best diving hotspots, and it’s where I first discovered the
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Blast Off
Wendi Murdoch is passionate about a great many things—fashion, food and film among them. She’s also obsessive about technology, and can list from memory facts and figures about the hottest start-ups from Silicon Valley to Shanghai. But most of all, M
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A A Steelier Spirit Spine ,
“Running in six-inch stilettos is my superpower,” says Shaleen Cheah as she slips into said high heels, and stands—easy as you please—with barely a wobble in her step as she glides across the room in her shimmery blue design. Having witnessed her spr
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Vintage Comeback
The time-honoured craft of leather making has defined the legacy of Bonia founder SS Chiang. It all started with him as a young man wandering through the cobbled streets of Bologna, Italy, where he was entranced by the dynamic craftsmanship and timel
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Star Finder
It’s 9am in New York when Francesca Amfitheatrof logs onto Zoom to speak to me about Louis Vuitton’s new high jewellery collection, Stellar Times. She sits in the living room of her Brooklyn apartment, which she shares with her husband, who accidenta
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New Frontiers
When Sichuan-born artist Sanyu passed away in his Paris apartment in 1966, the victim of a gas leak, he was poor, alone and virtually unknown. Now, he’s hailed as the Chinese Matisse, famous for blurring the boundaries of Chinese and western art by p
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Score An Ace On The Fairway
What is the best way to be introduced to golf? I think it would be good to start with someone who loves the sport such as a friend or a coach. Watching the game on television and movies based on golf such as Tin Cup and the Legend of Bagger Vance w
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Swept Away
Hair and Make-up Wendy Turner at Frank Agency using Sisley Skincare and Bumble Hair Model Annie at Premier Models Casting DirectorPhillippa Kaye Production Alex Aalto at Aalto Production Photo Assistant Kalie Taylor Styling Assistant Daisy Newton ■
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Age of Ambition
From fantastical inspirations to the world’s most precious gemstones, there’s a palpable intensity to the growing pool of high jewellers that have emerged from Asia over the past few years. Hong Kong-based Wallace Chan’s glittering sculptures, Singap
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In Her Element
Two years ago, a painting by Jenny Saville set a record at auction for the highest price paid for a work by a living female artist, but the British painter doesn’t like to think about that too much. “I try to keep my eye firmly on the art; the painti
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Hardest Golf Courses in the World
Featuring all sorts of obstacles, these places are notorious for taking the zen out of golfing: Designed by Pete Dye with the help of his wife Alice, this challenging course offers spectacular unobstructed views of the Atlantic coastline at a cost, a
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Going Places
It was an especially sunny morning in March during Paris Fashion Week. Guests chatted among themselves as they sat in a winding plastic bubble, a labyrinth set a garden courtyard, waiting Kenzo start. Then, suddenly, music began pounding as the first
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Tatler Watches
Four new dial colours have been introduced to Carl F Bucherer’s TravelTec series, with each representing a different season: green for spring, yellow for summer, orange for autumn and blue for winter. The TravelTec model has been around, in various i
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Enter the Matrix
Mainland Chinese artist Liu Wei has spent the past few months thinking about the future—and it looks bleak. “Everything in our lives is mediated by screens now,” he says, fittingly speaking over a video call from his studio in Beijing. “It was happen
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The Saree
Growing up in Malaysia meant being surrounded by a diverse society made up of various ethnicities as well as cultures that have existed many millennia ago; from traditional customs, beliefs, languages, food and dressing, these are but a few aspects o
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In Memory of Kenzo Takada
In 1964, Kenzo Takada arrived in Paris from Japan, only intending to stay for six months. Little did he know he’d make the French capital his home for the next 56 years and become one of the most celebrated Asian designers of the last half-century, i
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Tonda Metropolitaine by Parmigiani Fleurier
Made using polished 18-karat rose gold, this timepiece also has rose gold indexes and comes with a solid rose gold bracelet or an alligator strap, which is fastened using a rose gold pin buckle. Classified as “phenomenal gems” by the Gemological Inst
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The best hotels are often a labour of love. Case in point: Xigera Safari Lodge, which opens in Botswana’s Okavango Delta in December. Conceived by the Tollman family—the renowned South African hoteliers behind Red Carnation Hotels—Xigera (pronounced
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Part Of The Act
What inspired you to pursue acting? The infinite X factor. It’s a progressive process full of uncertainty and challenges but I would say that acting has broadened my horizons and I see no limitations to it. Did you always dream of having a career
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The Wish List
It s leather weather, and the statement pieces this season are made from a mosaic of our . Christian Dior’s Oblique print gets a velvet sheen, now found on its most popular bags in deep shades of burgundy, blue, black and brown. Don’t forget your e
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Taron Egerton
In a new campaign by Montblanc, What Moves You, Makes You, Golden Globe-winning actor Taron Egerton, who starred in Elton John biopic Rocketman (2019), is photographed wearing the brand’s 1858 Geosphere. “Acting is about play, you know?” Egerton says
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Time to Thrive
Staying at home has resulted in an explosion of interest in gardening, with many of us filling our interiors with houseplants or tending to our outdoor patches. As green lanes begin to open, why not use that newfound love of gardens as inspiration fo
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Sour Gene
Anyone antiquated impression that fashionistas shirk sweets need to get acquainted with Natasha Kraal. The former editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia and founder of MYND keeps a low profile while selling high-quality baked goods via The Sweet
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Beauty The Neighbourhood Watch
Created for those who lead busy lives and aren’t able to afford the luxury of a multi-step facial cleansing routine, Skinfuel Beauty’s Squeaky Clean Double Cleansing Pads are just the thing as the product is an exfoliator, makeup remover and facial w
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Darling Watches & Jewellery Director of Tatler Asia Over the years, Bulgari has established itself as a watchmaking pioneer. The ultra-slim Octo Finissimo is one of the most iconic new watches of the past decade, while the arrival of the new Serp
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Urban Escape
While there is growing demand for remote accommodation, there’s always room for a well-conceived city hotel. Here are the latest openings to book when city breaks make a comeback. Designed by Kengo Kuma, the celebrated Japanese architect behind Tokyo
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Taste of Japan
Spearheaded by executive chef Harada Junji, an appreciator of crafting clean and elevated omakase, Sushi Hara is home to a breadth of gastronomical omakase. Hailing from Japan, Harada leads a team of talented, steady-handed chefs who master the art o
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Much Ado About Your Do
While we pore over magazines, articles, and books dedicated to haircare, what works for others doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. So instead of dedicating yourself to a singular routine, experiment! Whether it’s hair product, supplements or even the di
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