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Discover The Undiscovered
Put these five hidden gems near Pahalgam on your itinerary and go off the beaten path in the Kashmir Valley. unexplored-places-in-kashmir Arunachal Pradesh-based travel and lifestyle YouTuber Lenzing Doming reveals the hidd
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The King And I
HIS OBSIDIAN EYES halt you till you reach the twinkle in their midst. You look again, and those deep dimples flanking his wide smile reach right into your heart. And then he speaks: he tells you tales of conquering heroes and lands won and lost; prin
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21 Emerging Destinations for 2021
The northernmost emirate in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect getaway post a travel drought. It is home to the country’s highest peak, Jebel Jais (1,934 metres). Here, you can find Jebel Jais Flight (in pic), the world’s longest zipline; the Jai
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From The Royal Cookbook
MADHYA PRADESH IS A treasure trove of stories, and if you dig deep enough, you might find previously untold tales of its rich history. Rewa, a city in the northwestern part of the state, is one such chapter. On the surface it might resemble any other
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Winter in Whistler
WINTER IS HERE. And so is the urge to make the most out of snow-clad landscapes. This year, the popular destination of Whistler in British Columbia is all set to welcome travellers with new norms of safety in place. The tourism hub has upgraded its h
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Exclusively Yours, Santorini
WE SIPPED ON OUR glasses of rosé and blue wine, sitting under a pergola at Pelican Kipos (, a garden restaurant with decor that comprised palm trees and vibrant blooms. The open air eatery was empty except for one couple dining in a
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A Cultural Feast
ONLY IN ITALY can you go looking for a museum and end up in a ham dungeon. I had driven through a raging storm in search of the Museum of Culatello, an institution devoted to the history of the country’s rarest prosciutto, situated inside Antica Cort
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Straight From The Source
DURING A CATAMARAN cruise off the coast of Bermuda, I fell into easy conversation with Kim Deuss, a young designer with sun-streaked blonde hair and a lifelong passion for the sea. She grew up on the island, then, after high school, got her BFA from
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Getting There & Around
Book a connecting flight to Bologna, or fly to Milan and drive or take a train to the region. On the ground, a car is a must—rentals are plentiful for those willing to brave the city streets, or you can use a car service, like the locally run Auto El
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Raising The Bar
WELCOME TO the turn of the 20th century,” said my guide, Marielle Chopin-Pascaud, as I entered the tasting room of Bache-Gabrielsen (, on a quiet street in downtown Cognac. As four generations of Bache-Gabrielsens stared down at
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A Gallery Without Walls
THE COFFEE you’re tasting on a sunrise game drive tastes so much more delicious out of a handmade mug,” says Toni Tollman, the director of design and projects for Red Carnation Hotels. Such details are central to the design-fuelled rethink of one of
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Most travellers fly in to Paris, then rent a car or hop the high-speed TGV ( to reach Cognac, changing trains at Angoulême. It’s also possible to combine a few days in Cognac with a wine-focussed trip to Bordeaux, around 96 kilometres south.
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Tailored to Tease
1. SKINCARE Moisturising Body Lotion, Arata, ₹675 (300 ml); 2. WATCH Jump Hour Watch, Jaipur Watch Company, ₹50,000; 3. WALLET Derrick RFID Bifold Flip ID, Fossil, ₹3,095; 4. HAIRCARE Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Th
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In The City Of Saints
MY FIRST GLIMPSE of Harar was through a late-afternoon haze, a balmy veil that blurred the pinks, blues, and greens of the old city’s walls. It was a few days before Ramadan, and around every corner, residents were rejuvenating sun-blanched façades w
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Snow White
1. SKINCARE Herbal Night Transformation Crème with Evening Primrose, Soulflower, ₹1,200 (60 gm); 2. NECKPIECE Gold Enchanted Layer Necklace, The Jewel Factor, ₹1,850; 3. LIPSTICK Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow
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Home Indulgence
TURNING ITS GAZE towards a common household ingredient, ITC Grand Goa recommends a cashew nut ritual for your winter skincare routine. Begin with a cashew kernel scrub mixed with oils to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Apply it on the body generously
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Royal Wrists
This is an exceptional high jewellery timepiece that sports a hand-wound mechanical movement, calibre 608P, with diamonds studded around it and aventurine glass on the dial. The watch displays a delicate balance between the power of Piaget’s fine wat
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Winter Favourites
Duh – Elixir Face Glow Serum, Digvijaya Herbals, ₹649 (15 ml); Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum, Murad, ₹7,050 (15 ml);
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Travel 2.0
An ultralight premium laptop with a big display is a great productivity boost, especially when working on holiday. The Dell XPS 17 looks good, and with a milled aluminium chassis, it’s also tough. The 16:10 display form factor is work-friendly, and y
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Over Hill, Over Dale
WHEN THE GOOD people of Yorkshire call their region “God’s own country,” as they have for centuries, it conveys several meanings. One carries a hint of smugness: these are among the most county-proud citizens in all of England. Another meaning, only
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Writing On Loss
Loss tells the tale of your personal losses in great detail. How difficult was it to relive them? Of course Loss was difficult to write, but the act of looking back and recognising how these lives had shaped mine filled me with gratitude and a thril
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Seeing Yorkshire in Style
Getting There Manchester is the nearest major airport to Yorkshire; change planes in London for the hop north. The area is also easily reached by taking a train to Halifax, Leeds, or York. I adored Grantley Hall (doubles from ₹35,900; grantleyhall.
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Climb And Clean
How and when was the idea of Healing Himalayas conceived? I had no qualifications in the field of environment. But I had been trekking for a long time. Initially, a trek was just a race to reach the top. But as the process became meditative, I could
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Natural Sophistication
ON MY LAST TRIP to France’s Loire Valley, back in March 2019, I did something I’d never done before: I visited several châteaux. The statement sounds ridiculous because castles are as common in the region as grains of sand on a beach—it’s hard to not
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Old Stitch, New Thread
Our cover shoot has been styled in Raw Mango’s latest collection, Moomal. What was the inspiration behind it? Moomal is from an old love story from Rajashtani folklore, but more about a woman who lives by her own rules, unafraid to embrace customs
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Châteaux And Natural Wine In The Loire Valley
From Paris, it’s a 2½-hour drive to Tours, in the heart of the Loire Valley, and two more hours to Sancerre. The facade of this elegant 55-room hotel echoes the slate-roofed towers of the Château de Chambord, just a short walk away. A guided tour of
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LETTER From The Editor
WITH THE YEAR 2020 behind us, there’s no better time than now to look forward to a new beginning. 2021 is a year that we hope will bring more meaningful travels and a sense of rejuvenation to our readers. This year, Travel + Leisure India & South Asi
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A Moroccan Odyssey
PICKING A WINTER holiday destination to visit from Europe can be tricky. For me, Morocco was high on the list. Holidays in this African country are reputed to be immersive and rich experiences, more adventurous than relaxing. The country serves up a
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Your Best Shot
THIS PICTURE REMINDS ME of life before the pandemic, when we were free to fly. I had always thought Jodhpur would be a week-long backpacking trip—staying in hostels and visiting cafes. It turned out to be the opposite; I went with my family for just
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Travel + Leisure India & South Africa
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