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Dress Code
“What am I going to wear today?” We’ve all been there. The tricky equation that tackles all the heavyweight questions: the where, when, who and what of our day. Oh, and the weather. For some mothers, this is an extra chore to worry about, but for oth
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At The Root
Is your hairbrush filled with strands every time you use it? Afraid of clumps in the shower? We asked the French hairstylist David Lukas, Kérastase’s hairdresser expert for Genesis, to weed through the common misconceptions about hair fall. Myth: Al
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Flight Plan
STICK TO THE SCHED: “Babies and toddlers shouldn’t stray from established bedtime routines, even on a flight. Pack pyjamas, sleep sacks, pacifiers and other items they typically associate with snoozing, and opt for overnight flights whenever possible
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Dapper Dads
Peek into the closets of these stylish celebrity papas It’s all about fashion maximalism for this filmmaker. From Balenciaga to Gucci, his clothing choices are bold and his accessories are even bolder. The former footballer makes every look, from
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At Your Rescue
Housed in millennial pink, Kérastase’s Genesis Anti-Fall range is chock-full of efficient ingredients that fight hair fall from the inside out. Take Aminexil, which was originally developed for hypertensive disorders. The molecule was found to have a
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Food For Tot
McCord’s social media pages are a gold mine for budding food influencers. Filled with wholesome produce, frequent visits to the local market (“We shop at the Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday”), she keeps her audiences in touch with popular food
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Great Debate
If you asked me what my mum uniform was after I my first baby in 2012, I might have been mortified. The connotation of ‘mum’ anything when it came to fashion meant frumpy and dishevelled. Fast forward eight years and I’m a mum of three who fully embr
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Bun In The Oven
After trying every get-thin-quick strategy in the book—raw-food cleanses, punishing crash diets, exhausting sweat lodges and draining detoxes—Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle knew they needed to heal themselves with a more mindful and balanced foo
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Baby’s Got Taste
“Zanskar’s diet changes every six months. She is three and has been introduced to (and prefers) 80 per cent dark chocolate, eats Swiss cheese, loves raw cherry tomatoes tossed with balsamic vinegar, and sometimes scrambled eggs topped with truffle oi
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How Not To Be Perfect
Shock admission from a Vogue editor: I love buying clothes. Until I had my daughter Dree three years ago, it was my own acquisitions that delighted me, but along she came and suddenly miniature pieces became my favourite purchases. From tiny tracksui
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Your New Toolkit
Sakara Life’s weekly menus work just as well if you’re pregnant—albeit with a few additional supplementations. If you’re trying to recreate it at home, follow these five tenets: • Water-rich foods like romaine, cucumber and berries allow our bodies
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Raising Hope
Based on the Waldorf education model, these thoughtfully designed toys are as educational as they are exciting Its range of nontoxic, reusable diapers also come in a riot of colours Sahar Mansoor's ever-growing conscious brand guides you towards ze
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Sense And Sensuality
Just like every other aspect of our daily lives these days—workouts, school, even baby showers—this interview with Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, artistic director of Hermès’s women’s ready-to-wear was conducted over Zoom. On a seemingly sunny Paris morning
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A New Dawn
• Anushka Sharma on her baby, her body, and the bonds that endure • Mother-daughter duo Heidi Klum and Leni take on man-style • Janina Gavankar on redefining roles and discarding convention ■
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The Bombay Times Fashion Week which concluded in Mumbai last month saw a host of designers showcase their latest collections. The two-day virtual event saw Bollywood producer and entrepreneur Sangeeta Ahir turn showstopper for designer Archana Koccha
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Little By Little
The latest trend in maternity wear? Clothes that last well beyond the third trimester. The notion of swapping your entire wardrobe for shapeless sack dresses and anything in stretch jersey is a concept as dated as air-kissing. It’s no secret that pre
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Great Expectations
One of my favourite discoveries on Twitter this year is Room Rater (@ratemyskyperoom), the account that distils the voyeurs in us by rating Zoom settings on their design sensibilities. In my books, Anushka Sharma’s backdrop for this cover story would
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& Other Stories: (www.stories.com) Ajio: (www.ajio.com) Alexander McQueen: Le Mill, Mumbai 022-22041925, London 0044-20-73550088, New York 001-212-6451797 (www.alexandermcqueen.com) Anderson’s: (www.anderson.it) Anine Bing: (www.aninebing.com) Ariro:
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In less than a decade, Ariane Goldman has made Hatch the go-to name for pregnant women and new mothers, expanding from ready-to-wear into accessories and the beauty collection Hatch Mama. Like so many successful entrepreneurs, Hatch was born out of G
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Girl, You’re A Woman Now
Our takeaway from the year that was: man-style shirts that go from couch to Zoom conference room. Chokers and chains, especially of the Chanel kind, stand out against the blank canvas of a bathrobe. Like two peas in a pod, every formal shirt need
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Labour Of Love
Lisa Sorgini will agree, life is often our best muse. The Australian photographer, who started focusing on images of motherhood after the birth of her firstborn, has now built an oeuvre of intimate mother-and-child portraits that resemble still-life
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Vogue India
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Craft And Country
At 88, Bimla Bissell or Bim (as she is fondly known), is a narrator of the past and cultural custodian of one of the oldest stores in the country. Her memory serves as the museum of the brand’s origins. In 1958, when Bim was a fellow advisor at Cotta
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Brave New World
Familiar roads lead to new destinations. Mix a classic shirt dress with trousers for a new twist A wardrobe built to last is both prescient and pertinent. When paired with a light inner, wool goes beyond winter Utility meets glamour in a multitaski
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Get To Know...
For a photographer who comes from a family of artists, art has always been a priority in Burman’s approach to his craft. Possessing a propensity to create unique stories with a vision of his own, he works between Paris, New York and Mumbai. In ‘Great
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Love Conquers All
Before the dream wedding, comes the hunt for the dream wedding dress and the perfect backdrop to exchange your vows. And Vogue India has always been that BFF on speed dial to hold your hand through every all-important decision you’re required to make
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The Mums Are Not Alright
We were walking down the road one evening when a car slowed and someone shouted my daughter’s name, easily identifying her despite her mask. It was her best friend. I hadn’t ever heard my 10-year-old squeal in delight the way she did then. The girls
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Editor’s Letter
So much has changed this past year that most of us will agree that marching into 2021 almost feels like a rebirth. With routines upended, we have all had to realign our lives and find a new rhythm. For first-time mothers, this time has been so challe
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Mum’s The Word
Amongst the most life-changing journeys, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood feature at the top. Now intensified with the overwhelming anxieties of a global pandemic, how can a mother and child cope and keep calm? Four women share their pregnancy st
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Life As We Know It
Pooja Khanna was devastated when she was first told that her baby girl was diagnosed with Down syndrome. But over the three and a half years of being Norah’s mum, she has learned to reframe her narrative, love unconditionally and celebrate life diffe
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