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Denver High School Shooting Suspect Dead, Coroner Confirms
A body found in the Colorado woods near an abandoned car was that of a 17-year-old student accused of wounding two administrators in a shooting at his Denver high school, a coroner's office said. Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said the body was disco
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After Derailment, Toxic Burn, Student-athletes Seek Normalcy
On the surface, everything looks normal. There's the East Palestine High School baseball team learning the finer points of baserunning at one edge of Reid Memorial Stadium. At the other, a handful of sprinters dart through the mild March air, the blu
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'The Young And The Restless' Celebrates 50 Years Of Drama
It all started on a late morning on a highway. A camera panned to the cab of a large semi-trailer truck. The driver wore a plaid shirt and a day's growth of beard. Next to him was a mysterious hitchhiker in expensive clothes that were ripped and a fr
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House China Panel Turns Focus To Plight Of Uyghurs
Two women who experienced life in Chinese “re-education” camps for Uyghurs will be among the witnesses Thursday as a special House committee focused on countering China shines a light on human rights abuses in the country. Qelbinur Sidik is a member
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Messages Between Trump Attorney And Stormy Daniels Handed To Manhattan DA
Communications between Donald Trump’s attorney and Stormy Daniels have been handed over to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office – as the office prepares to potentially indict the former president on criminal charges. Ms Daniels’ attorney
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Iraq WMD Failures Shadow US Intelligence 20 Years Later
In his U.S. Capitol office, Rep. Jason Crow keeps several war mementos. Sitting on a shelf are his military identification tags, the tailfins of a spent mortar and a piece of shrapnel stopped by his body armor. Two decades ago, Crow was a 24-year-old
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Fed's Unwanted Ally In Bid To Tame Inflation: Credit Crunch
The Federal Reserve is getting some unwanted help in its drive to slow the U.S. economy and defeat the worst bout of inflation in four decades: A cutback in bank lending. The upheaval in the financial system that's followed the collapse of two major
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What Are The Rules For Tipping In America? A US Traveller’s Survival Guide
As British travellers discover on a first visit to the US, tipping is deeply embedded in the culture. And it is all too easy to breach etiquette. The matter was thrust into the spotlight again recently when an American server shared their displeasure
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Eager Young Albanians Risk Everything For New Future In UK
Monika Mulaj's son was in his second year of college in Albania, studying to become a mechanical engineer, when he resolved to make a daring change: He told his parents he would leave his lifelong home for a new future in Britain. “We had tried to fu
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Biden's Canada Agenda Stocked From Ukraine To Climate Change
President Joe Biden arrives in Canada on Thursday with a focus on several of the world's largest challenges: the war in Ukraine, climate change, trade, mass migration and an increasingly assertive China. The administration has made strengthening its
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Muddy Clothes? 'Cop City' Activists Question Police Evidence
When police stormed an Atlanta-area music festival two days after a rainstorm, they were looking for suspects wearing muddy clothing. Authorities moved in on the South River Music Festival on the evening of March 5, over an hour after more than 150 m
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Q&A: Chuck D Talks Rap's Rise Through 'Fight The Power' Doc
Hip-hop became a cultural phenomenon against the backdrop of American history, and now Public Enemy’s Chuck D has committed himself to explore the artform's origins. Chuck D rounded up several rap greats — including Ice-T, Run DMC and MC Lyte — who
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AP News Digest 3:40 am
Here are the AP’s latest coverage plans, top stories and promotable content. All times EDT. For up-to-the minute information on AP’s coverage, visit Coverage Plan. ———————— ONLY ON AP ———————— AP POLL-BIDEN-ECONOMY — Approval of President Joe Biden h
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The World’s Coolest Second Cities, From Milan To Mumbai
Capital cities are often, if not overrated, definitely overcrowded. Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin: they all have their charms, of course, but they also have the accompanying hordes of tourists to prove it. Why not swap the headline act for a country’s se
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‘Tom Cruise As A Vampire? Brad Pitt Was Perplexed’: Neil Jordan On Marlowe, Weinstein And Poking At Taboos
Making films is like having sex,” Neil Jordan tells me. “You don’t know how other people do it. And you never know if you’re doing it right.” It’s a fitting sentiment, given his films are not like anyone else’s. And they’re also... well, steamy: the
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Marseille City Guide: Where To Eat, Sleep And Drink In France’s Cool, Coastal Second City
France’s second largest city has shaken off its downtrodden image in recent years to become one of the country’s coolest spots for a weekend break. Located less than three and a half hours by train from Paris, it’s a popular weekend and summer spot f
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Far-right Support For Trump Looks Disorganised On Social Media. Others Think It’s A Trap
Former president Donald Trump’s demands that his supporters “protest, protest, protest” his potentially imminent indictment have prompted law enforcement officials to tighten security measures around New York City while monitoring potential threats.
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Pro-labor? Biden Aims To Prove It With Unionized 2024 Staff
Joe Biden likes to say he's the most pro-union president in U.S. history. When he announces his expected reelection campaign in the coming weeks, he'll get the chance to prove it to his own staffers. Workers on his 2024 campaign will be unionized, po
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Train Strikes: Will There Be More Walkouts After Latest March And April Dates Called Off?
The latest round of national rail strikes has ended halfway through, with the RMT union calling off the walk-outs due to take place on Thursday 30 March and Saturday 1 April. Rail services should now run normally, with the full range of fares availab
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What Are Australia's Plans For Indigenous Voice?
Australians expect to vote this year in a referendum that would enshrine in the nation’s constitution a mechanism for Indigenous people to advise Parliament on policies that effect their lives known as the Voice. Proponents say embedding the Voice in
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Californians Eager For Sunnier Days After Relentless Winter
Californians are tired. Tired of the rain, tired of the snow, tired of stormy weather and the cold, relentlessly gray skies that have clouded the Golden State nearly nonstop since late December. With spring now underway, the state's 39 million reside
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No Red Carpet: French Unrest Impacts King Charles III's Trip
Unrest in France is tarnishing the sheen of King Charles III's first overseas trip as monarch, with striking workers refusing to provide red carpets amid pension reform protests and critics calling for the visit to be canceled altogether. The British
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Pioneer Of Gospel Music Rediscovered In Pittsburgh Archives
Scattered in crates, dirty and difficult to read, the gospel music of composer Charles Henry Pace sat packed away, unorganized — and unrealized — for more than 20 years. Frances Pace Barnes, the pioneering music publisher’s daughter who remembers how
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Uniquely New Orleans Mayoral Recall Effort Fails
Because it happened in New Orleans, an effort to oust the mayor over typical big city complaints — high crime rates, slacking services, alleged misuse of taxpayer property — was anything but typical. Recall petition signatures were gathered during Ma
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War On Gangs Forges New El Salvador. But The Price Is Steep.
With semiautomatic weapons pressed to their chest, a pack of camouflage-clad police officers marches through rows of small brick homes winding up hills on the fringes of El Salvador’s capital. They rap sharply on door after door, pushing into homes
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Bipartisan Support Emerges For Senate Railroad Safety Bill
A bipartisan consensus that Congress should act to toughen regulations on railroads emerged Wednesday as senators heard fresh testimony on the fiery hazardous train derailment last month on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Both Republicans and Democrats
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How To Spend A Day In Silver Lake, LA’s Hippest Neighbourhood
Our microguides series is inspired by the slow travel movement, encouraging travellers to relax their pace and take a deep dive into one particular neighbourhood in a well-loved city. Rather than a whirlwind itinerary which aims to hit up every must-
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Musicians Fight Threat Of Tennessee Anti-LGBTQ, Drag Bills
When Tennessee lawmakers passed legislation this month targeting drag performances and transgender youth, many musicians living and working in the state felt their community, their audiences and their artistic expressions were also under fire. The tr
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Stormy Daniels May Soon Seal Trump’s Fate. How Did A Porn Star Become One Of The Most Powerful People In Politics?
One busy weekday night in May 2018, a Pittsburgh strip club dancer named Scarlet went to the bar for fries and ran into something unusual: a young man carrying a political non-fiction book conspicuously under his arm. The book was Fire and Fury by Mi
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Transgender Youth: 'Forced Outing' Bills Make Schools Unsafe
Al Stone-Gebhardt worked hard in school to make sure he graduates in May, and he spent hundreds of dollars on commencement regalia, but he is fully prepared not to participate in the ceremony. The 17-year-old, who is transgender, said he fears his hi
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