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Cop26: 70 Climate Scientists Urge PM To End New Oil And Gas Investment Ahead Of Glasgow Summit
Scores of the most respected climate scientists in the world have called on Boris Johnson to bring an end to new oil and gas development in the UK ahead of the Cop26 climate summit. An influential report from the world’s energy watchdog released in M
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PSG And RB Leipzig’s Ideologies Collide – But At What Cost To Football?
“They want selfies with Messi, not competition in France.” This zinger came from an unsurprising source. The only shock was that Javier Tebas’s purported comments to a group of La Liga executives did not include one of his public verbal grenades chuc
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How Japan Became A Covid Success Story As Daily Cases Drop Below 100
Almost overnight, Japan has become a stunning, and somewhat mysterious, coronavirus success story. Daily new COVID-19 cases have plummeted from a mid-August peak of nearly 6,000 in Tokyo with caseloads in the densely populated capital now routinely
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Sudan’s Transition At Crossroads As The Two Ruling Partners Lock Horns For Political Gains
Fears are mounting over the democratic political transition and security in Sudan, as the country witnesses its “worst and most dangerous” political crisis since the 2019 popular uprising that ended former dictator Omar al-Bashir’s 30 years in power.
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Who Faces The Bigger Nightmare In Next Year’s Midterms: Democrats Or Republicans?
When then-President Donald Trump went to campaign for then-Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on 4 January, the speech he gave – and the next day’s special election result – was the stuff of nightmares for then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a
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India Hits 1B Vaccine Doses, Worries About Gap Between Shots
India has administered 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine, officials said Thursday, passing a milestone for the South Asian country where the delta variant fueled its first crushing surge earlier this year. About 75% of India’s total eligible adult
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Biden Scales Down $2 Trillion Climate Change Plan
Scaling down his “build back better” plans, President Joe Biden has described a more limited vision to Democratic lawmakers of a $2 trillion government-overhaul package with at least $500 billion to tackle climate change and money for middle-class pr
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Bonhomme Richard: Navy Report Blames Crew For Devastating Fire On US Warship
A Navy report has concluded there were sweeping failures by commanders, crew members and others that fueled the July 2020 arson fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard, calling the massive five-day blaze in San Diego preventable and unacceptable
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Where The Wildflowers Grow: The Inside Story Of Tom Petty’s Greatest Album
Tom Petty released a lot of great albums over the course of his four-decade career as one of the great American songwriters, but none meant more to him than 1994’s Wildflowers. “Even on the last tour, if we played a song from Wildflowers he’d say: ‘T
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Will Cop26 Be A Serious Flop? There Is Still Time To Turn Things Around
Cop26 is almost upon us after weeks of media pump priming, with David Attenborough on TV screens regularly and even the Queen getting in a topical soundbite. Glasgow strikers and Extinction Rebellion demos permitting, the fortnight of hard talking wi
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No More Delays – The Government Needs To Deliver Urgently On Climate Investment
This government has been good at setting climate targets, but incredibly weak at delivery. They have perfected the art form of climate delay, of pledging to act but just not yet. This week, we are promised this will change, with delivery plans, strat
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Aberfan Disaster: What Happened During The 1966 Tragedy?
At around quarter past nine on the morning of Friday 21 October 1966, disaster struck the coal mining village of Aberfan in South Wales. What began as a typical morning 55 years ago this week escalated quickly into tragedy when a colliery spoil tip l
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Existing Home Sales Surge As Interest Rates Point Higher
Sales of previously occupied U.S. homes bounced back in September to their strongest pace since January as worries about higher mortgage rates motivated buyers to get off the sidelines. The National Association of Realtors said Thursday that existin
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The US Supply Chain: How Does It Work, And What’s Gone Wrong?
Attention turned in Washington to the USsupply chain this week as more and more Americans have reported trouble finding some basic goods as well as items associated with the holiday shopping season. Otherwise invisible to many Americans save for when
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Police Shooting Looms Over Emanuel In Confirmation Battle
The fatal police shooting of a Black teen in Chicago seven years ago is looming large over the city’s former mayor, Rahm Emanuel, as he looks to win confirmation as President Joe Biden’s ambassador to Japan Several liberal House lawmakers and activi
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Tom Morello: ‘I Never Struggled With My Identity. Other People Did’
For more than 30 years, Tom Morello did not stop. Considered one of the world’s greatest guitarists, he was also one of its most prolific. From Rage Against the Machine to his folk alter-ego The Nightwatchman, writing his own comic-book series to cam
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Fears For Humanitarian Crisis Engulfing Tigray As Abiy Ahmed Launches Make Or Break War
A broken human skull, pieces of human bones and blood-stained clothes scattered around what looked like a burned mass graveyard, where people were searching a number of identity papers. These were the gruesome scenes shown in a video obtained by CNN
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The Rise Of Le Trump: How A Right-wing Television Pundit Could Become France’s Next President
A Trump-like right-wing television pundit has surged in French politics, unnerving both the country’s far right and the traditional conservative political establishment. Eric Zemmour is a descendant of Algerian immigrants best-known for his vehement
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Are ‘Nature Positive’ Trips The Next Step In Ethical Tourism?
“We’re loving nature to death.” That’s the problem with the state of travel at the moment, says Responsible Travel’s founder and CEO, Justin Francis. Too many leisure travel tours are putting pressure on the wildlife, he says, on top of the carbon em
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Killing Spree Triggers Fear, Memory Of Dark Past In Kashmir
The Kashmiri Hindu activist was listening to religious hymns on his cellphone when he was interrupted by a tragic WhatsApp message. It brought news of a fatal shooting of a prominent chemist from his community, just a few miles from the activist’s ho
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'The Stakes Are Enormous:' Bannon Case Tests Congress' Power
The U.S. House is expected to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. It's up to the Justice Department and the courts, to determine what happens next. As lawmakers ready a Thursday vote to send a contempt referral to the U.S. attorney’s office i
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Across Africa, Major Churches Strongly Oppose LGBTQ Rights
In Ghana home to a diverse array of religions, leaders of major churches have united in denouncing homosexuality as a “perversion” and endorsing legislation that would, if enacted, impose some of the harshest anti-LGBTQ policies in Africa. In Nigeri
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‘It Felt Like An Independent Movie’: The Cast Of Dune On Making The Blockbuster Of The Year
When Denis Villeneuve was a teenager living in Montreal, he was desperate to see David Lynch’s 1984 spectacular Dune. A huge fan of the source material – Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novel, describing a political and spiritual battle of wills in a
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Why Amsterdam Is Still The Perfect City Break Destination (even With Daily Nasal Swabs)
Cycling down the River Amstel, humming a jaunty tune while waving at groups of men engaged in some kind of mildly competitive boat race, it seems nigh-on unbelievable that I was in London last night. A mere 15 hours ago I was grumpily making my way t
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Billionaire Roy’s Club: Succession Makes Being Rich Look Ridiculous – And We Love Them For It
In The White Lotus, Mike White’s kooky satire of the rich and vaguely New Age, there is an interesting scene around the breakfast table at the titular resort involving a rich, all-American and nominally forward-thinking family, the Mossbachers. Nicol
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Uber Freight Boss Warns US Is Entering Shipping ‘Armageddon’
The supply chain bottlenecks that have become so disruptive as to merit presidential attention are either a systemic problem that will requires significant changes in how the shipping industry works or a political cudgel that can be weaponised agains
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They Survived Paris Terror Attack To Face Agony, Doubt
They were animals, many of them say. Prey that had lost all sense of time. Targets no longer human to either their hunters or themselves. For more than two weeks, survivors from the Bataclan concert hall in Paris have testified in a specially designe
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Voters Do Not Believe Boris Johnson’s Promises To ‘Level Up’ Are Sincere, Poll Finds
Voters agree that “levelling up” should be a top priority for Boris Johnson’s government, but little more than a quarter (28 per cent) believe he is sincere in his professed aim of spreading prosperity to disadvantaged corners of the UK, a new poll h
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District Attorneys Refuse To Prosecute Some GOP-led Laws
When Republican lawmakers in Tennessee blocked a policy to ease up on low-level marijuana cases, Nashville s top prosecutor decided on a workaround: He just didn't charge anyone with the crime. Meanwhile, in Georgia the Gwinnett County solicitor vo
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The Economy On The Brink, Taliban Rely On Former Technocrats
When the Taliban swept into power, they found Afghanistan's economy fast approaching the brink and were faced with harrowing predictions of growing poverty and hunger. So they ordered the financial managers of the collapsed former government back to
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