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TikTok Ban: Why Is Trump Taking Action Against Chinese App In US?
The app TikTok has been repeatedly making headlines as governments around the world consider take action against the video platform. The latest threat, from Donald Trump himself, suggests that the app could be banned very soon. It could also be bough
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Five Nutrition Lies Ruining Your Health
[This article was originally published in 2017] With scientific research drawing new conclusions all the time, it’s hard to keep up with what we should be eating. Is butter bad for us or not? Should we still be drinking smoothies and juices if they’r
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Demi Moore: ‘My Life As I Knew It Kind Of Exploded’
I am sitting opposite Demi Moore. Well, almost. I am in a makeshift studio in the basement of the Excelsior, the most luxurious hotel on the Venice Lido. The star of Ghost, Striptease, GI Jane et al is on a big screen, speaking to me via Zoom from Lo
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Trump Is Planning An October Surprise — Insiders Say He Wants To ‘Redo 2016’
In defense policy circles, it’s said that an often-made mistake by both civilian and military leaders is to get caught “fighting the last war”. The same is frequently true in politics, but it’s unclear whether Donald Trump has gotten that memo. With
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If The Government Doesn’t Act Now, Mental Illness Will Be The Second Pandemic
Matt Hancock has one of the toughest jobs in government right now. It is not his fault that a global pandemic chose his time as health secretary to strike. And though I can and do criticise much about his and the government’s handling of Covid-19, I
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Joe Biden Has A Florida Problem. Why He’s Losing The Key Swing State
The Joe Biden presidential campaign has a Florida problem.  Several recent polls in the state spell trouble for the former vice president among Florida Hispanics, even in Miami-Dade, the state’s most populous county and one on which Democrats usually
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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 30th Anniversary: Where Are The Cast Now?
There are few shows as iconic as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The series, starring Will Smith as a lightly fictionalised version of himself, continues to consistently rank at the top of lists of the best sitcoms of the Nineties. The Fresh Prince was
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James Norton: ‘If Playing Bond Precluded Films Like This, It Would Be A Hard Thing For Me To Swallow’
James Norton is currently the bookies’ runaway favourite to take over from Daniel Craig as James Bond but, in his new tearjerker, Nowhere Special, which premieres at the Venice Film Festival today, he plays a Belfast window cleaner. For much of the m
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Coronavirus: How Effective Are Face Masks At Stopping Spread?
In August, it became compulsory to wear a face mask in museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship in England. It was already compulsory to wear a face covering when visiting a supermarket, indoor shopping centre, coffee shop, or bank in Englan
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Boris Johnson’s ‘Unbelievable’ Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Decision Will Be Defeated In House Of Lords, Says Lord Heseltine
Boris Johnson’s attempt to tear up his own Brexit withdrawal agreement is facing certain defeat in the House of Lords, Lord Heseltine has said. The former deputy prime minister was the latest in a string of Conservative grandees to denounce the move,
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Coronavirus: Operation Moonshot ‘Not Feasible’ And ‘Massive Gamble,’ Health Experts Warn
Boris Johnson's Operation Moonshot mass testing programme is “not feasible” and poses a “massive gamble”, health experts have warned. Figures from Public Health England (PHE), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and those close to the project, which
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It’s Been Six Months Since The Pandemic Was Declared – What Comes Next?
Has it really been only six months since the World Health Organisation officially declared us to be in the midst of a full blown pandemic?   That brought me up short because, stop and think about it a moment. Consider how the life we thought we knew
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Six Months Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. What Have We Learned?
They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Although this much-cited number, based on a 1960 book by plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz, has been contested over the years (a 2009 UCL study found it is more like 66 days), it is fair to say we have now lived
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Coronavirus Test: Who Is Eligible For One And What Happens When You Get It?
Since 16 March the World Health Organisation (WHO) has been telling countries with Covid-19 to “test, test, test” for the virus. As well as implementing strict social distancing measures and lockdown policies, experts have said a system of testing an
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Winter Is Coming: How Worried Should We Be About Coronavirus?
Between 5 March, when the UK had its first coronavirus-related death, and 31 July, the nation reached an official death toll of 45,999. This is much higher than estimates given in March by both an Imperial College study, which predicted 5,700 deaths,
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The Recession Is Here. Get Ready For The Mental Health Pandemic
Consultant psychiatrist Dr Natasha Bijlani, who works at the Priory hospital in Roehampton, London, has never been busier at work than in the last few weeks of lockdown. “I’m not saying that in a happy way at all,” she is keen to stress. “It’s really
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How To Clean A Mattress: Everything You Need To Know
Cleaning your mattress is perhaps the least enjoyable task followed closely behind cleaning your oven and taking the bins out. It’s easy to put it off by claiming you don't having enough time for such a menial task, but now most of us are self-isola
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Carl Hiaasen: ‘They’re Gonna Have To Drag Trump Out Of The White House’
Few writers understand the violence lurking in the American psyche better than Carl Hiaasen. For more than four decades, the 67-year-old has been vividly chronicling crime and corruption in his native Florida, first as a reporter and columnist for th
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The US Military Is Caught Up In The Turbulence Of Trump’s Re-election Campaign – Whether It Likes It Or Not
For any other US president to mock members of the armed forces who had fallen in the service of their country as “losers” and “suckers” would be astonishingly shocking. But then no other American president has been like Donald Trump. Thus reports – d
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Netflix’s Cuties Is Too Intelligent And Moving To Be Marred By One Bad-taste Poster
Last month, Netflix felt compelled to apologise. By its own admission, the streaming service had done Cuties, a French film released on the platform this 9 September, a monumental disservice. The problem originated with a poster released – and subseq
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Youth Mental Health Day: The Expert-recommended Products That Can Help Manage Your Mental Wellbeing
Looking after your mental health is a lifetime’s work, and the global pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdown have created its own unique challenges. As we adjust to a new normal of mandatory masks in public areas, a tentative return to the offi
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'An Insult To Our Country': Trump Recoils At Idea Of Kamala Harris As First Female President Because 'Nobody Likes Her'
Donald Trump took a hard shot at Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, saying “nobody likes her” and declaring “it would be an insult to our country” if she one day became the first female American president. “Ka-ma-la,” the president s
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Boris Johnson Warned That Walking Out On EU Trade Talks Risks ‘Huge Damage’ For Britain’s World Standing
Boris Johnson has been warned he risks “huge damage” to Britain’s national interests and its standing on the world stage as Brussels reacted with alarm to his threats to walk out of EU trade talks and tear up key parts of his Brexit withdrawal agreem
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'I Had The Coronavirus Vaccine. This Is What To Expect If You Sign Up'
Oxford University and Imperial College London are both in the race to find a coronavirus vaccine. On 9 September the Oxford vaccine announced it had been voluntarily paused to allow a review following a “potentially unexplained illness”. This is “rou
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Trump Wants To Defund Democratic Cities. His Re-election Strategy Just Took A Very Dark Turn
As former Vice President Joe Biden prepared for Thursday’s trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin late Wednesday evening, Donald Trump’s White House was unveiling plans to shift his rhetorical war on American cities into a fiscal one. Spurred on by yet more pro
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‘To My Friends And I, The Pandemic No Longer Exists’: How Young People Feel About Being Blamed For The Spread Of Coronavirus
In a pub in South-East London, a friend leans over to speak to me. It’s 10pm and he’s inching towards me, raising his voice over the swelling noise of the crowd. In one corner an Irish man in his 30s shouts and sways at the piano and is quickly told
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Trump’s Opponents Need To Take His Patriotic Card Away And Portray Him As The True Enemy Of The Nation – It Can Be Done
A sheriff in Texas was once trailing badly in his re-election campaign. He met with his political friends to discuss how he might regain the lead. After examining different options, he himself came up with a suggestion on how to damage his opponent.
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Romola Garai: ‘Actresses Now Are Not Physically Unsafe In The Way That They Were When I Was Younger’
A balmy Sunday afternoon on the Venice Lido and Romola Garai is in the dining room of the Hungaria Hotel, discussing Marxism and anarchism. It’s the day after the premiere of Miss Marx. In the film, the Bafta and Golden Globe-nominated star of Atonem
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Sid Meier: ‘I’m Not Sure I’d Play Civilisation If It Was Released Today’
As Sid Meier fires up Zoom from his home in Maryland, it occurs to me that this mild-mannered video game designer has commanded more of my attention than any other artist. Watching all the James Bond films would take 50 hours or so. To read all of Ha
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Dover Brought To A Standstill As Far-right Protesters Clash With Police And Activists
It is unusual for Dover day-trippers to be met by the eyes of 20 police officers, silent behind their face masks, all staring on as travellers step off at the town’s train station. It is however not uncommon for the region to serve as a potent symbol
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