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On The Farm With Adam Henson
So, what’s your beef? That’s not me picking an argument, it’s a real question. Grilled, barbecued or boiled, we Brits love our beef. It’s no wonder that the good old Sunday roast is considered by many to be our national dish. But not all beef is the
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Abbey, Ambles And Adventure
Industrial South Wales might not seem the obvious place to seek out a countryside walk with the family. However, if you venture just two miles from Port Talbot on Swansea Bay, you’ll come upon over 400 hectares of majestic woods, parkland and gardens
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Great Bakes
225g plain flour100g cold butter,diced smallPinch of salt1 egg white, whiskedwith a splash ofcold water 3 small, firm courgettes,yellow and green is nice6 spring onions,trimmed2 tbsp olive oil150g soft skin-on goat’scheeseA few sprigs of thyme200ml
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The Coast Special
• Find drama and beauty on the Northumberland Coast Path • Discover magical but seldom-visited shores • 17 spectacular snorkelling destinations around the UK • Visit Britain’s most idyllic fishing villages Don’t miss this special issue, on sale 1
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Shorts For Walkers
Perfect for both outdoor escapades close to home and travelling adventures further afield, Páramo’s Maui shorts (pictured left) offer functionality, features and style. They are made with the brand’s quick-drying Parameta A Cotton+ fabric, which wick
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Giant’s Resting Place
Situated just five miles south of Cambridge city centre on the flowered slopes of the Gog Magog Hills is Wandlebury Country Park. With more than 60 hectares of woodlands and meadows to explore, the park leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to w
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The Perfect Cream Tea
HOW TO MAKE... What makes the perfect cream tea? For starters, you need to bake the perfect scone. Here’s how: You will need: • 350g self-raising flour, plus a little for dusting • 1 tsp baking powder • Pinch of salt • 85g unsalted butter, diced fi
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Collecting Garden Seed
As well as letting some plants have free rein, I gather seed for sowing and later planting out. This gives more control with the design of borders. A groundsheet placed in a wheelbarrow is a good way of collecting the mass of tiny foxglove or poppy s
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Perfect Parklands
It’s been a hard year so far, hasn’t it? Often frustrating, chaotic and, for many people, extremely isolating. So after another interminable lockdown, the opportunity to meet up with those we love is going to feel like a refreshing draught of cool wa
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Climbing Books And Films
• For armchair athletes, climbing and its lifestyle has a rich literature and film-making heritage. To gain an insight into the history, I’d recommend Space Below My Feet by Gwen Moffat, and WH Murray’s Mountaineering in Scotland – a classic account
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Guardians Of The River
Dave Collins looks after the river for his local angling club in Wales. He is 75 now and retired from a research and development career in agrichemicals. He is a passionate fly fisher and became a river bailiff in 2015, just before the first pollutio
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Matt Baker
“For as long as I can remember, my dad has had guitars hanging on the wall. He taught me how to play a few chords when I was growing up and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the concept of country music, the stories rooted in the landscape and the
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Shauna Coxsey
Shauna, 28, is a hugely impressive bundle of energy and Britain’s sole climbing representative at the Tokyo Olympics. She’s summed up by her gritty philosophy: “Do something about it, or get over it”. Shauna started climbing aged four, yet doesn’t co
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Wildlife Spectacles
In July, where the heather is at its tallest, you may come upon a colony of beautiful silver-studded blue butterflies (far right). These are rare in the UK but abundant in the forest, and you may see hundreds. In early summer, go to where the woods m
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Song Of The Wild
It has a bittersweet quality, it keeps you hovering, not knowing whether you are uplifted or actually feeling incredibly moved by the tragedy that seems to be somehow wrapped up in this little bit of singing. It’s the way it grows, the intensity of i
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The Magic Of Seeds
A seed holds the possibility of a future plant. It is a miraculous yet everyday event. As a child, I was fascinated by the horse chestnuts that would germinate in the leaf mould. I’d dig one up to look at it, a snaking white root breaking from a conk
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Top Seven Family-friendly Nature Trails
Slip through the Mammoth’s Tusks to Kingfisher Corner for flashes of this iridescent bird (below) darting along the River Onny. Look out for salmon, trout and otters in this Teme tributary. Gaze skywards for soaring buzzards and red kites. Return via
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Rediscover The New Forest
The New Forest in Hampshire and south-east Wiltshire is one of our most popular national parks, and it is easy to see why. People are drawn by its utterly distinctive landscape, dotted with free-ranging ponies and ancient trees, and its rolling hea
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Gorgeous Tree-fringed Falls
Popular since the onset of tourism in Victorian times, this route starts from the Bracklinn Falls car park in the holiday-feel town of Callendar – a gateway to the Highlands under the shapely peak of Ben Ledi. Leading through mixed woodland, below no
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John Craven
People working the land are facing some of their greatest challenges: adopting new farming systems and trade deals; planting vast areas of trees; attempting zero carbon emissions; tackling climate change; improving biodiversity. Yet will there be eno
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Make A Weekend Of It
Orrest Head is another modest Lake District hill, and the eminently achievable climb from the town of Windermere remains a go-to for parents who are looking to cajole their brood up a hill. Thanks to an easy walk up a woodland path, this is one of th
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Rural Life
Great books about rural ways of life in times past A peerless snapshot of life in a Suffolk village in 1967 through the words of its inhabitants. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand farming and the English countryside. Precious conve
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A Rare Species
You would have thought that ospreys would have learned to build nests by now. But as a young conservationist working in the north of Scotland in the early 1970s, Roy Dennis made a crucial discovery: they’re a bit rubbish at it. Or some ospreys are –
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Beauty Of The Seasons
The forest is at its busiest during the summer months and on bank holidays; it’s worth paying a visit when it’s quieter. The forest is perhaps at its most beautiful in the autumn, when the leaves are turning and the forest floor is ripe with mushroom
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Caves And Coombes
It may be tiny and relatively undiscovered compared to many of Cornwall’s beaches, but Chapel Porth and its surrounding area is a treasure trove of fascination and wonderful for walking. Any visit should either begin or end on the beach, watching the
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Wonder Seeds
Dispersed by wind, wild clematis seedheads are silvery, curling and silky haired, hence its common name of ‘Old Man’s Beard’. Ripe poppy capsules, buffeted by wind, shake their contents like pepper pots. The tiny seeds are eaten by birds. Like many o
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Wild Wetland
With 300 hectares to explore, there’s more to Stanwick Lakes than may at first meet the eye. The site of thousands of years of human history, shaped by industrial activity, it’s now a beautiful, tranquil home for a wonderful array of wildlife. After
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Now Go There
Remember that a car is not vital to visit the forest. There are several railway stations serving the area, plus regular buses. In summer there are hop-on hop-off tourist buses: uk/things-to-do/activities/bus-tours. You can hire bikes
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Where To Watch Climbers
From the tip of Cornwall via the mountains, disused quarries and sea cliffs of Wales, through the Peak and Lake Districts to the furthest corners of Scotland, you’ll see climbers on any stable piece of vertical rock. For Northern Ireland, the Mourne
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Moths Under The Magnifying Glass
invitation and eat our clothes. But the reality, as sumptuously described in this book, is quite different. Moths are amazing, life-giving, almost infinitely varied, dazzlingly colourful and – perhaps to many people’s surprise – accessible. There is
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