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Dji Fpv Drone
DJI says this is the world’s first ready-to-fly, first-person-view drone, which offers the full racing drone experience with a 150° field of vision cast to the pilot’s goggles, and also shoots ultra-smooth 4K video with its gimbal-mounted camera. The
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Zap Of Luxury
Weddings, bar mitzvahs, the odd car industry awards ceremony. I don’t put The Suit on lightly, the occasion has to call for it. Driving and being driven around by my faithful chauffeur Jeeves in a near-half-million-quid Bentley is one such occasion,
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Top Gear
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What Else We’re Running
HELLO A new, blue Seat Leon has joined the TG fleet, and I am effervescent with anticipation. Call me a badge snob, but I’ve always found the VW Golf – especially in MkVIII guise and its evolution-not-revolution styling – just too conservative, too…
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As Volkswagen Group’s big chief, Diess is steering a company making 11 million vehicles a year, which sure puts him in a position to make a difference. He plans on overtaking Tesla’s rate of EV production this year, and by 2030 half of VAG’s producti
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Without question my favourite electric car of 2021 is the Porsche Taycan. The thing about the Taycan that just blew me away was because it’s electric you don’t expect it to feel like a proper Porsche, and then you get in it and it does. And then you
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E-TRON GT / e-2008
Employ the world’s best chefs to produce a meal for you with the finest, freshest ingredients, and short of the oven exploding halfway through, you’re in for a tasty treat. And so, the least surprising thing to happen in the last 12 months was the Au
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Skoda Octavia Estate
GOODBYE £26,230 OTR/£30,655 as tested/£367pcm WHY IT’S HERE Can Skoda still do practicality at an attractive price? DRIVER Adam Waddell I DON’T REMEMBER A TIME WHEN MY FAMILY DIDN’T HAVE A CORTINA, Granada or Sierra estate on the drive, so I felt a t
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Chris Harris
The question many are asking right now is: “How should motorsport interact with the outside world, and how can it be a force for positive change?” They’re not actually saying that, because if they did you’d tell them to stop talking like a prat, but
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Renault- /reboot
Here are resonances of times past, of a carefree childhood in faded Kodacolor hues. Of heat-hazy French villages and yellow headlights. Of chaotic, vibrant Paris driving. Maybe a my-first-car in Nineties Britain. But then, we’re car spods. When Renau
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Mercedes-maybach Ultimate Luxury
Case for the defence: it was a concept car! Concept cars aren’t meant to be taken seriously! Concept cars are about pushing boundaries, about dipping toes in water, about running mad ideas up flagpoles to see who salutes and who starts making quiet r
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Where are BMWs built, and how many does it build a year? 2.17M* BMW is a big old company nowadays, and the complexities of its range (plus the fact it owns Mini and Rolls-Royce) means its cars don’t all roll out of one country, never mind one factory
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Nissan Judo, 1987
The problem with SUVs… OK, one of the problems with SUVs is they’re quite dull. Some are fun to drive, though not as fun as a proper car, while others offer neat interior parlour tricks that make life a smidge more tolerable. Nissan’s Juke offered ra
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Everyone’s Talking About citroen’s Gone Big
“When we showed it to people in clinics, the best compliment we got was when they said they didn’t know what it is,” says Citroen’s design director Pierre Leclerc, talking about his new big car, the C5X. That’s not what you expect to hear from a car
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What’s BMW, And When Did It Start Making Cars?
Rather like the Queen, BMW has several birthdays (and German blood). The initials stand for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which in turn translates as ‘Bavarian Engine Works plc’. It can trace its roots back to 1913 and a company called Rapp Motorenwer
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This is the first Audi built on the bespoke electric platform underpinning all VAG’s most affordable EVs. And knowing what its buyers want, Audi’s spun an SUV from it before anything else. Prices start at £40,750, though, so it’s not eligible for UK
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Porsche Taycan 4s
HELLO £85,580/£100,722/£1,073 WHY IT’S HERE Because it’s the cool one that could make us fall in love with EVs DRIVER Jack Rix THERE IS A MAMBA GREEN Porsche Taycan 4S parked outside my house and it’s killing me. It’s been outside for 48 hours now an
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Twin Test Imitation Game
£44,360 (£45,855 as tested) FOR Barely contained tempertantrum under the bonnet AGAINST Flat seats, brittle ride, noisy cabin 2.0T 4cyl 302 bhp 4.7 secs 35.8 mpg 188 g/km £39,270 (£42,260 as tested) FOR Easy pace meets clever, comfy chassis for all w
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Logo Evolution
Everyone thinks BMW’s logo is meant to look like a propeller… But they’re wrong. Blue and white are the colours of the state of Bavaria… BMW had to flip the colours around so it didn’t infringe local trademark law And the circle comes from the pre-BM
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What’s The Best Concept BMW Made?
This jaunty, two-tone wedge previewed the first ever M Division product, the legendary BMW M1. But the Turbo previewed so much more than a limited-run supercar. Here’s a sports car utilising the kind of downsized turbocharged engine that’s almost con
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The Knowledge
Toyota reckons it can save city cars from extinction by rebooting the Aygo 16 years after launch. The Aygo X Prologue concept suggests it’ll take on more than a hint of crossover. Shame. This bundle of batteries is the new safety car for Formula E. I
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Ford Puma
GOODBYE £22,690/£24,690/£283 WHY IT’S HERE It’s the new king of small crossovers, but is it truly regal? DRIVER Esther Neve SO. THE QUESTION ABOVE ASKS if the Puma is truly regal. I hate to leave you in suspense, so I’ll answer straight away – yup, i
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What Were They Thinking?
Ollie Marriage Driving down country lanes at night. Something the Yaris excels at. It fits, it loves barrelling through mud and grime, keep the revs above 3,000 and there’s no discernible turbo lag, so you get instant shove out of blind corners. Just
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Notable People
German industrialist who saved BMW from financial ruin in the Sixties BMW design chief from 1955 to 1970. His influence continues to be felt to this day Led the development of BMW’s era-defining ‘Neue Klasse’ cars in the Sixties Racing driver turned
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What’s The Cheapest Car BMW Builds… And What’s The Most Expensive?
You won’t find many more diverse ranges on any configurator. And you can thank the niche-busting one-upmanship of BMW and its key rivals – Audi and Mercedes – for a good chunk of that. Technically the cheapest car BMW builds is a Mini. But the cheape
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What’s Been BMW’s Best Moment?
BMW’s motorsport successes in the Sixties and Seventies led to the creation of the M Division, which is behind some of the greatest fast road cars ever made. But surely the company’s greatest success is the 3-Series. How many other cars have used eve
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Ev Update
The smaller (still huge) SUV version of the Hummer EV gets 830bhp and will do 0–60mph in 3.5 seconds Lexus has previewed its next-gen EVs with the 534bhp LF-Z Electrified. Rather pointy, isn’t it? The Magneto concept uses an electric motor but sends
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“If Lotus Makes This One Stick Then The Supercar’s Future Is Secure”
I had heard that in the moments before your brain decides you’re going to die, time puts the brakes on. Fractions of a second melt into minutes, creating enough space to contemplate your futile existence and fully observe the unpleasant situation tha
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What Else We’re Running
REPORT 4 Head over to Colin Furze’s YouTube channel and you’ll see his latest project getting a shakedown with a special guest. TopGear challenged the inventor, engineer and semi-pro lunatic to build a Bond car on a £7k budget, but we needed a villai
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DESCRIBE THE SOUND OF GRAVEL RICOCHETING OFF THE UNDERSIDE OF A RALLY CAR. A TINKLE? A RATTLE? A FLURRY? A small noise anyway, something soft and gentle, lost behind a wall of sound from a furious four pot. Now remove the petrol soundtrack. Treading
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