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How To Bounce Back
After a bad performance, a crash or a defeat, it’s okay to feel down. “If you put a lot of effort into achieving something and you don’t manage it there will be disappointment,” explains Dr Thompson. “And even if you achieve it, you can still feel em
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Five Things We Learned This Month…
Compared to infrequent interval sessions, moderate near-daily exercise, such as five gentle pace rides for 40 minutes, are more effective at controlling blood pressure and blood glucose than high intensity interval training (HIIT). Physiologists have
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The range of custom trousers available from SPOKE London is a little different from the norm. Many of SPOKE’s men’s range are designed tough enough for the rigours of commuting and SPOKE also offers bespoke sizing via its online fit service. Simply s
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Tour De France Stage Guide
After years of tinkering with novelties - ultra-short mountain stages and a paucity of time trial kilometres - the route for the 2021 Tour de France returns to something close to classical. That’s particularly true when it comes to the volume (58) of
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Five Things To Consider…
Technology has gifted us the Boa, which gives a rock-solid fit that’s easy to adjust even when riding, but less room for variation in tension through its length. A common combination is a strap over the toe section that allows it to be independently
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Felt AR Ultegra Di2
Felt’s original AR – ‘Aero Road’ – was released in 2008. The silhouette of the 2020 bike looks similar but, as always, the devil is in the detail. Tube shapes and carbon layups have been refined, exposed cables have disappeared while carbon wheels an
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Turn Back Time
To butcher Mark Twain’s famous quote about his own demise, reports of the death of the Tour de France individual time trial, it turns out, have been grossly exaggerated. With 58km against the clock across two key stages, the 2021 route represents som
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Best Of The Rest…
£129.99 WEIGHT 409g COLOURS Black; Gold WOMEN’S MODEL No The Bontrager GR2 has been designed for day-long riding on mixed or rugged terrain. Its synthetic upper is perforated and comes with toe and heel bumpers, while the nylon composite sole has an
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Should I Quit My Indoor Rides Over Summer?
MEET THE AUTHOR MARK BAILEY A sportswriter and four-time Haute Route finisher, Mark regularly interviews pro cyclists and experts to explore the latest health insights Thanks to the summer weather and longer evenings, cyclists are getting out and abo
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This fajita recipe contains a high-protein mix of sirloin steak, long-stemmed broccoli and roasted red peppers, and also avocado, an ingredient that’s often spoke about as being a superfood. It’s worthwhile diving into the avocado benefits a little d
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Chaos Theory
There is not enough imagination being deployed in cycling. I have, previously, expounded on the astonishing potential of the darts/cycling biathlon, in which small arrows must be thrown at tiny targets before the race can proceed, but I was being fli
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Italian Job
£5475 as tested Condor’s steel pro-bike hits the high street Originally designed as a rim-brake bike (still available) for the Rapha Condor pro team back in 2012, the Super Acciaio Disc is the brand’s flagship, steel, disc-brake bike. A fully-custom
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James Shaw
“Pre-season, we’ve been getting a lot of road work in. It’s the busiest road work time of the year as you begin to build up to exchange the training for the racing. In the early winter months I ride other bikes, but never stop training on the road. I
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Vitus Zx-1 Evo Crs Ultegra Di2
Vitus has a rich history in cycling dating back to 1970s France. Despite some fallow years, the brand was revitalised in 2011 using a direct-to-consumer model. The ZX-1 is Vitus’s latest flagship aero race bike, designed in conjunction with the Silve
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History On Mont Ventoux
The year of the Tour’s first visit to Ventoux. The stage finished in Avignon, not the summit, and was won by Louison Bobet. Bobet won another stage that crossed Ventoux, but it’s Jean Malléjac’s collapse on the way up that’s remembered. How people th
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Sungod Velans
£195 Adaptive lens and fully customisable shades SunGod doesn’t really offer stock colourways, rather you choose your favoured combination of frame colour, temple tips, logos and a wide choice of lens options. To purchase, simply select the options a
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In Pursuit Of Speed
The pursuit of speed is undoubtedly part of what makes cycling so exhilarating. And when it comes to going fast, aerodynamics is king. Representing the leading edge of road-bike technology, aero road bikes challenge traditional notions of what makes
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Revolutionary Roadies
At the end of June, the 108th Tour de France will roll out from Brittany. Once again, for the 21 stages of action in the men’s race, the women’s nearest equivalent, La Course, will be a single stage run over a solitary day – a 107km footnote. Next ye
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Head To Head: Road Helmets
£149.99 Endura’s 245g (M/L) Pro SL is 35g heavier than the Genesis but it’s not noticeable. The inner cradle can be adjusted vertically while a ratcheted rear dial handles fit. It has 10 large vents; the Koroyd tubes slightly reduce air flow, which i
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Just nine months after the 2020 Tour de France concluded, the 2021 edition will get underway in Brittany. If we’re looking for upsides of the pandemic - and it’s slim pickings - then having a shorter period between editions of the world’s biggest bik
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Be In Awe Of Iron
Tiredness, fatigue and drops in performance are most likely caused by variables such as overtraining, poor sleep, lack of quality recovery and under nourishment – a lack of sufficient calories in the right ratios of carbs, protein and fat to facilita
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How To Train
Like 24 per cent of UK households – yes, it’s that many – we don’t have access to a car. We get around by train and bike. (Except on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, when unlike Europe our trains don’t run.) This gets us everywhere in Britain we want to
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Optimus Primož
Pro cyclists share many psychological qualities: deep reserves of motivation, a laser-focused commitment to self-improvement and a ferocious will to win. But what separates the great from the good is something much more subtle yet powerful: the abili
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Zipp 303 Firecrest
£1600 The 303 Firecrest has long been the cyclecross rider’s go-to choice (and still is); and now it’s been adopted as one of the premium choices for gravel too. Laying out the 303 as just a gravel wheel does it a disservice. The new design, which in
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£84.99 £99.99 Psychedelic kit for women Having made its name kitting out the world champion Brownlee brothers in triathlon, Huub made the leap from wetsuits into cycling gear after dressing the Huub Wattbike track cycling team to success in London at
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High Flyer
£9000 The latest e-superbike arrives Hot on the heels of Cannondale’s SuperSix EVO Neo, Scott’s Addict E-ride and Orbea’s Gain comes another lightweight electric superbike – the MAHLE ebikemotion-equipped Cento10 Hybrid from Wilier Triestina. The fiv
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Blast From The Past
649.99 Budget-friendly ride around Well, they don’t make ’em like that any more,” I thought about the Parkside. Except, of course, in the case of Cambridge’s Light Blue Cycles, they do. This contrasts with most of the bikes we test, which major on li
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How Are Women’s Bikes Different To Men’s?
“Bikes for men and women can differ in a number of ways to accommodate physical differences between the sexes. Some brands, such as Liv, offer women-specific frames with geometry more suited to the female ergonomic data. Other brands simply change th
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From The Editor…
SUBSCRIBE! NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO CYCLING PLUS CAN GET A RITCHEY COMP SKYLINE SADDLE! WORTH £47.99! ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER? Get access to exclusive content, competitions and offers. Turn to p70 It’s not often that we get to write about knee-length wool blo
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The Future Is Now
From the ultra-powerful phones we carry in our pockets to online shopping and casting Schitt’s Creek, electronics permeate every aspect of our lives. While our bikes may utilise GPS to record every kilometre we cover, electronics don’t yet dominate o
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