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Upcycled Stands
Thoughtfully designed kitchens have done away with many of the familiar storage tricks of previous decades. Remember floor-standing pan racks with shelves sized to fit your range of saucepans – why not bring them back as plant stands? Great for a for
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The Art Of Making Kokedama
What is kokedama? A variant of bonsai, it’s the Japanese art of creating potless plants using a unique soil mixture, moss and string. It takes its name from ‘koke’, meaning moss and ‘tama’, meaning ‘ball’. As a hobby, the art of making kokedama is as
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Propagation Techniques
Plant types: Begonia, Peperomia, Saintpaulia Secateurs, rooting aid/hormone (optional), propagating pots or tray filled with soil Using secateurs or scissors, trim off a healthy leaf close to the stem. Remove the petiole (the stalk that joins the
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My ’70s childhood was filled with houseplants. An enormous Boston fern was much prized by my Mum, and even my dolls’ house had its own plastic Swiss cheese plant. I now find myself in a city-centre flat with no outside space to call my own, so housep
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Sitting Pretty
Showing off smaller plants should cause you no drama thanks to this little llama. Made from shiny white porcelain, with adorable features and four sturdy feet, this cute camelid has plenty of space to spare on his back for cacti, cuttings and housepl
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Making Your Own Fern Kokedama
Typically found on forest floors, a fern’s soil mixture should include plenty of organic matter and coarse fibre. Ferns love growing under or on the rotting carcasses of fallen trees, so try to imagine and replicate this kind of environment for them.
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Plant stylist Hilton is the author of Wild At Home: How To Style And Care For Beautiful Plants. Turn to page 52 where he shares his expertise on how to choose plants to suit your living space. Emma’s love of gardening under glass started when she wa
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Why Live With Plants ?
Our love of houseplants has deep roots. History has recorded that the ancient Greeks filled their villas with violets in terracotta tubs, while the Romans preferred blowsy roses in marble urns. The Chinese grew miniature trees in dishes. The Pharaohs
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For Your Kitchen
Plants such as herbs look great in a single planter as you can choose from so many different leaf shapes and textures. If you pot them up into the same soil, check that you choose plants with roughly the same water needs to make sure they all stay he
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Hang Out
Designed by Anna Mercurio, a graduate of The Institute of Design in Naples, these sleek, simple three-dimensional spheres turn your plants into striking works of art. You can see why they’ve been named Saturno – they look a little bit like the planet
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Health-boosting Botanicals
One of Earth’s most ancient plants, this is a great air purifier. It also boosts indoor humidity and counteracts the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning. Nature’s little caretaker, not only does this plant dispose of airborne nasti
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Special Offer! 20% Off Houseplants & Accessories At HORTOLOGY
The fabulous houseplants in our ‘Perfect Plants’ guide are just a fraction of what the internet’s most stylish plant store, Hortology, has to offer. Search its extensive site by plant name, the room you want to buy for or even hunt by the latest gree
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Look Up High
How often are we guilty of not looking upwards? Try it and you can find all sorts of new décor opportunities. This approach is great for a bathroom, where the practical fittings fill most of the floor space. A box shelf like this one creates an imagi
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Welcome To The World Of Houseplants!
Turning the pages of this guide, it’s tempting to hear everything shouting ‘take me home!’, and before you know it you’ll have a shopping basket full of fabulous foliage. However, it’s worth taking a little time to assess the growing conditions in yo
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Living Room
For most of us, the living room is the focal point of our home and more often than not the space that best reflects our sense of style. Houseplants can be used to accentuate the overall look of this room, whether it’s adding a bit of boho chic with l
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“I See Incorporating Plants As One Of The Key Requirements When Designing An Interior Space”
Personal style is how we all show off our individuality to the world. The same approach should apply when introducing greenery into your home. What will make your spaces different from those of your friends and family? How do you create that ‘wow’ fa
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For Your Bathroom
Once you’ve learned to look up and make the most of the green space opportunities above your head, give a little thought to how you can turn the practicalities into an extra feature. Hanging pots will need water, so hang extended cords over a ceiling
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1 Cast Iron Plant
Fully deserving of its common name, cast iron plant, the aspidistra is extremely resilient and has a wonderful ability to thrive on very little care. The fact that it also copes with pollution gives rise to its alternative name, bar-room plant. The a
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The Magic Of Making Terrariums
About five years ago, I began making terrariums. It started with a few friends hanging out at the weekend and making bottle gardens. It sounds funny now, thinking back, but throughout university, while living in London, houseplants played a leading r
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We spend a third of our life in bed, so it’s important we get the peace and tranquility we need in the bedroom to encourage a great night’s sleep. While splashing out on luxurious bed linen and a high-quality mattress might be a bit of a stretch, hou
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“It Began With Wanting To Fill My Own Home With The Plants I Saw On Instagram And Pinterest”
As Botanica Studios, Alice Dobie runs a thriving business selling plants online and at markets in Bath and Frome in Somerset. And as an in-demand stylist, her speciality is creating “greener, calmer and more welcoming environments” in communal spaces
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2 Chinese Money Plant
Also known as the missionary plant or pass-it-on plant, Pilea peperomioides is a delightful little succulent, with smooth, round, fleshy, mid-green leaves on long, elegant stalks. It likes a warm, bright room, so it’s great to have in your kitchen. I
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Making Your Own Terrarium
To make your closed terrarium, you will need a demijohn, compost, small stones, activated charcoal, carpet moss and some ferns. You can also use humidity-loving plants such as fittonia. You will also need a selection of tools as instructed in the ste
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Monstera And Me: Friends For Life
Two years ago, we’d decorated every room in our home apart from our bedroom. Colours, design and ideas had come easily and styling decisions were made quickly. But I was stuck in a round of “what about…?” or “this colour is on trend” conversations wi
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Alice’s Life In Plants
Houseplant queen and professional plant stylist Alice Dobie nurtures all of her plants in a small flat in Bath. Here she shares some great advice and insights into her growing ambitions… First plant? Not quite my first plant, but a special plant t
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3 Delta Maidenhair Fern
With its arching, wiry, black stems and delicate, pale green, triangular fronds, Delta maidenhair fern is everything you’d want from an elegant fern. This charming and graceful plant is often grown in terrariums where humidity levels are high and it
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Floor Filler
If you have plenty of floor space, why not fill it with block colours, acid brights and eye-popping shades in the form of these hand-woven baskets? Bound to lift the spirits and bring colour to your home, they’re made by weaving cooperatives in Kenya
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Hanging About
If you want to work up to something as dramatic as Hilton Carter’s plant hammock (page 72), a simpler step is hanging some plants. These look great in groups, especially if you hang them at different heights. Let the texture of the pots play a part i
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Small Spaces
Not all of us are lucky enough to have outdoor space, or even a window ledge deep enough to grow plants on, but everyone can find room for a houseplant. Once you have the houseplant bug, you won’t be able to walk upstairs without wondering if a Bosto
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