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Pricing In Action
Hi Natalie! Tell us a bit about your business and how it’s developed. Bespoke Binny is a homeware and lifestyle brand that makes products made from, and celebrates, African textiles. In all honesty it became a business accidentally! I learnt to sew a
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Ifeoluwa Adedeji, Valerie Bracegirdle, Andy Brinkley, Becki Clark, Becca D @ Mustard Models, Lucy Davidson, Colette Earley, Bee Gibbons, Xanthe Grundy, Charles Henry, Jessica Light, Mia M @ Mustard Models, Helen Martin, Elin Petronella, Karmijn Simon
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The Power Of Pinterest
Pinterest is often overlooked in the marketing world, despite 250 million people using the platform every month. Don’t make that mistake – put some love into it, especially if you consider yourself a creative. Fashion, interior, DIY, recipes – Pinter
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Meet The Maker Taome Tucker
Taome is 24 years old and runs her one-woman crochet business, Hooked Apparel, from her home in Manchester. She started crocheting again to keep busy in May 2020 and decided to sell a few pieces. To her surprise, her Instagram blew up, and Taome now
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Latest Crush
Say goodbye to subtlety and go bold with striking black and white. Can’t stop staring? Get in on the eye-catching vibe with maximum contrast colour blocking and clearly defined dots, lines and splashes. Cotton macramé cord, 70cm (27½"), 12mm ( /8") t
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Making Handmade Dreams Happen With Alina Tang
Alina Tang, or Lina, as she’s more commonly known, grew up in a sunny, quiet suburb of Perth in Western Australia. She describes it as a beautiful place with lots of trees and beaches, which sounds idyllic, but Lina had always felt a desire to travel
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Know Your Value
Feeling nervous about how high your prices seem? That’s ok – just cast your eye back over your cost prices. Perhaps what you do is pretty time-intensive, or you’re using high-value luxe or sustainable materials? Remember that handmade is always going
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Work Smarter, Not Harder
Although every social media platform has its own best practice, there are definitely a few basics that apply across the board. First off, keeping your social channels updated isn’t about getting content out there at every opportunity. Just like every
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Streets of Provence
■ Embroidery hoop, 20cm (8") ■ Cotton fabric ■ DMC Stranded Cotton in 890 (deep forest green), 90 (variegated yellow), 51 (variegated burnt orange), 3348 (light yellow green), 26 (pale lavender), 318 (light steel grey), 552 (medium violet), 310 (blac
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Where To Sell
There’s never been a broader variety of ways to get your makes out there, so the real challenge is deciding which are right for you. First and foremost, think back to your audience – those customers you considered on page 8 who’ll love what you do. W
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Creating An Identity
Hopefully you’ve got a clearer idea of your brand basics, firming up what you want to get out of your creative biz, and how you want people to see you. Now it’s time to focus on exactly how you’ll paint that picture to people. Creating an identity fo
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Making Friends With Money
Business finances aren’t as exciting as selling out a craft fair or landing your first wholesale client, but tending to your money early on will set you up for financial ease later. Here are three tips to get started. It’s easy to say you’ll do your
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Stay Golden
Handmade is magic, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s fuelled by passion and slow, skilled processes – techniques that only you and your fellow makers are in on. Maybe even a few secret tricks that are yours alone. So, when self-doubt creeps i
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Picking Your Platform
Only you can discover which platform will really fly for your brand, but we can tell you the pros and cons of the main players, and that we wouldn’t recommend picking just one. It’s great to build up a community within a particular space, but busines
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Make Time To Get Online
It’s hard to think of a world without social media, and even harder to imagine how small creative businesses could ever have built such huge communities without it. Love it or loathe it, social media is the best free marketing tool out there. These l
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Phoebe’s got a background in marketing but specialises in social media and strategy. She originally joined the Mollie team in 2018 and now works on Gathered, helping it become the best craft site ever. Phoebe champions the power of Pinterest on page
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Big Love
■ 50cm (20") Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids in Ice Peach (Fabric 1) and Petunia (Fabric 6) ■ One fat quarter of Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids each in Peach (Fabric 2) and Creamsicle (Fabric 3) ■ One fat eighth of Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Sol
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Hope you’re all keeping well, makers? I know yet another lockdown will be tough on so many, but we’re here with positive vibes and all the craft inspo to keep you busy and lift spirits. First off, you’ll need to get cosy. Crochet our hot water bottl
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Embroidery Stitch Guide
This stitch is ideal for outlines, and it’s the one you’ll find you use the most. Come up from the back at point 1, then go down at point 2. Come up at point 3, then go back to point 1 and bring the needle through to the back. Usually used for flowe
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Hi Ingrid! Tell us a bit about yourself and your biz. Starting my legal consulting business wasn’t something I always saw myself doing. I’d been working in the court system, then in privacy practice. I then worked for an NHS trust before having my tw
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Vicky Mineikyte
Vicky is a self-taught knitter and pattern designer, creating woolly pieces for her brand vickyknits using high quality, sustainably sourced yarn. Vicky studied fashion design, and discovered her passion for knitwear design in the second year of her
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Meet The Maker Andy Brinkley
Andy grew up on a sheep farm in South Africa, so working with beautiful wools has been a lifelong love. Now living in North Carolina, she has an expansive knowledge of embroidery techniques, and creates something every day for fun.
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About The Authors
Marissa Huber is a painter and surface pattern designer who started taking her art more seriously after her son was born. She carves out room for creating in the space between her career in interior design and the quality time she spends with her two
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For More Tips, Advice And Info, Check Out These Amazing Resources For Small Businesses
Your official go-to for all things legal and anything taxes or business related, with tools and guidance for self-employed peeps. A supportive community sharing all you need to grow your brand, from EU shipping regulations to mental health support.
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Crochet Stitch Guide
01 Slip stitch is used to join a length of chain into the round. Insert the hook from front to back into the first chain worked. Wrap the yarn around the hook, anti-clockwise. 02 Pull the yarn through the chain stitch, then the loop already on the h
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Share Your Likes
Before we get stuck into the different platforms, their benefits, and best practice tips, have a think about the way you use social media first. Taking a step back to analyse what you enjoy about it and why will really help when it comes to creating
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Join The Club
Being a creative company of one, it’s difficult to sustain a livelihood relying solely on the things you make with your own hands. This is especially true if those things are time consuming, like pottery. Scaling up your business can be difficult wit
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Why We're Better Together
How can being part of a marketplace or platform like Jamii boost a small business? It’s a relatively low-cost way to reach a wider audience and build sales. But, it’s important to choose ones that align with your values and brand, as they can easily
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Meet The Maker Saphia Barros
Saphia studied Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts, where she discovered her passion for crochet and machine knitting. She now runs a small part-time biz focusing on all things textiles, including knitting, crochet and needle punch – find her l
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