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We couldn’t not mention ourselves! Daily inspiration and behind-the-scenes pics from our feature shoots, and regular photo challenges to get involved in @lonelyplanetmag Sharing posts on life on the road in a modified school bus, guaranteed to have
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Where Life Goes On
Parkhouse Hill is sometimes described as the only true peak in the Peak District. Where the surrounding hills have forgiving contours and very polite gradients, Parkhouse Hill swoops like a mini-Matterhorn over the Upper Dove Valley. It owes its shap
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Editor’s Note
47 years ago, Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler had just completed a life-changing journey from London to Australia, and written a booklet about a portion of it: Across Asia on the Cheap . As they sat in an Italian restaurant necking a
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Photo Challenge: home • Sue Perkins on the fascination of Kolkata, and coming late to travel • Snapshot: a dazzling bird • Exploring the unknown… attic • What I’ve learned travelling for wine ■
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1 Which Greek island, the site of a volcanic eruption around 1600 BCE, was a possible inspiration for the legend of Atlantis? 2 ‘Songlines’ up to 40,000 years old cross which country? 3 Tórshavn (‘Thor’s Harbour’) is the capital of which self-gover
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Explore From Home
Discovering the world from home • Mountain heights on film • Virtual museum visits • Late spring cocktail face-off: margarita vs mint julep • Courses, parties, podcasts and workouts for lockdown ■
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Photo challenge: Home
This is my great aunt telling her grandson a story at our ancestral home in West Bengal @rand.aperture We were looking for somewhere to live in London and briefly thought about a canal boat @ertugekenler As I was on safari in India’s Kaziranga Na
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Begun in 1406 under the Ming Dynasty, the Forbidden City was home to Chinese emperors until a few years beyond the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1912 (as seen in the film, The Last Emperor). This garden statue is of a qilin – a mythical animal best des
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Dream Of The Mountains
Many mountaineers say Everest is becoming crowded – but it’s unlikely that the year 2020 will add much to the 5,000-or-more tally of people who have climbed to the highest point on Earth. Travel restrictions have halted mountaineers and regular sight
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‘I Will Throw Myself Into Every Experience, I Will Accept Every Dare, I Will Agree To Maddening Offers And Crazy Adventures. Yes.’
Historically, the Perkins tribe were neither explorers, nor adventurers. Dad traced his family tree back 200 years and discovered that all the men had been either labourers or soldiers, and all the women charladies. None of my ancestors got the chanc
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The Great Barrier Reef extends over 1,400 miles (more than twice the length of Great Britain) from the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea in the north, to Lady Elliot Island just south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Some 1,500 species
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Can’t Go Wildlife-watching? Invite The Animals In
While Serengeti lions and Yellowstone bison might be wondering where all the humans went, a herd/flock/pride/thunder of their animal compatriots stand ready in reduced ceramic form to help you recreate Dr Dolittle’s home environment. The range (from
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Snapshot from India
The Indian Roller is a wondrous creature whose beauty has always mesmerised me. It is the symbol of several states in India. During my early morning safari at Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand, we saw many interesting birds, and we also came across
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Mind The Gaps
The founders of _____ probably meant its name to signify ‘fair winds’, but it more readily translates as ‘good airs’. It’s not the largest city on its continent (that honour goes to _____) but being further south it gets to feel the change of seasons
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Visit A Virtual Museum
Online offerings at London’s terracotta temple to nature include skeletal dinosaurs, game-changing scientific discoveries and a tour of the tank room, which is normally open only for specially booked visits (artsandculture. google.com/partner/ natura
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In A Small House
I CLASPED THE TORCH TIGHTLY IN MY hand. Before me, a door led into yawning darkness – a void closed to mortals through aeons. It was a scene that brought to mind Howard Carter’s 1922 excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Its dimensions and treasures
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Lonely Planet
Group editor Peter Grunert Deputy editor Amanda Canning Production editor Alice Braham Features editor Orla Thomas Sub-editor Rory Goulding Contributing writer Oliver Smith  Art director Hayley Ward Designer Mike Cutting Picture editor Claire
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Cook At Home
A new book, Cooking in Marfa (£35; Phaidon), celebrates a town that’s an unlikely haven of art and fine dining in the Texas desert – try this recipe for vivid flavours of the US Southwest and Mexico, even if you don’t go as far as grinding your own g
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What I’ve Learned... As A Wine Expert
Wine is not just an alcoholic beverage. It is a product of its culture and tradition, a forum for ideas and a lens through which to view the world. The glass of wine I have at home at the end of the day is an essential daily connection, and a window
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1. Which Greek island, the site of a volcanic eruption around 1600 BCE, was a possible inspiration for the legend of Atlantis? Santorini 2. ‘Songlines’ up to 40,000 years old cross which country? Australia 3. Tórshavn (‘Thor’s Harbour’) is the capi
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Lost In Translation
‘Being drunk while just in underwear (literally); having very casual drinks at home or with a friend instead of going out (figuratively)’ ‘A pleasant or excited anticipation of joy to come’ ‘An almost painful longing, for someone or something’ ‘P
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Side By Side
The elephant is so close I can hear him chew. His powerful jaws crunch effortlessly through a mouthful of whistling thorn acacia, a tree with the texture of a medieval mace. Another member of the herd is grunting with exertion as she uproots a bush,
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The Team That Brought You Lonely Planet Magazine
Peter Grunert, Group Editor, on a horseback safari in search of wildebeest and zebra in the tiny African kingdom of Eswatini Alice Braham, Production Editor, beside a colourful café wall in Hamburg, that she hoped to copy in her kitchen at home. T
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Learn Something New
Go to art school Channel complex feelings about the world into creativity, joining artists working in different media for tutorials. Contributors include printmakers, portrait painters, ceramicists and sculptors – plus Sir Quentin Blake (search for
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• We accept that travel to Kenya is not advised at present, we hope that this information will prove useful again once restrictions are lifted. See p4 for more on our approach. Ordinarily, British Airways and Kenya Airways both fly to Nairobi-Kenyatt
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Hold A Cocktail Competition
50 ml tequila (100% agave)20 ml triple sec15 ml freshly squeezedlime juice Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Half salt the rim (optional). 60 ml Bourbon whiskey4 fresh mint sprigs1 tsp
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The Wild South
The wind shakes the white manes of the horses, and sends ripples across the flooded fields of rice. Twelve miles away in the city of Arles, the parasols of pavement cafés become unruly. This is the mistral, against which Vincent Van Gogh once had to
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Join The Party
Warble along with your friends to a huge catalogue of songs in this virtual karaoke booth (smule.com). Sign up for weekly streamed musical bingo, with songs not numbers to knock off your card, and actual prizes up for grabs (indeedybingo.com). Step i
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• We accept that travel to the Camargue is not advised at present, but hope that this information will prove useful again once restrictions are lifted. See p5 for more on our approach. The two closest airports to the Camargue region are Montpellier-M
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Bring The Outdoors In
With its rows of little white bells looking demurely down from each stalk, lily of the valley is a beautifully understated sign of spring in full bloom. Just remember that all parts of the plant are highly poisonous if ingested – as fans of the TV se
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