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Shallow Thinking
Once the calendar displays pages for June and July, the bountiful bites of spring have faded in the rearview mirror. Surface water has been warmed by the sun’s relentless heat for several consecutive months, and now even a cool evening has a hard tim
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Sharp Setup
Knife-building is a great DIY hobby. It’s not only a lot of fun; you also end up with a new knife to use on your outdoor adventures. Good custom knife-makers are artists with decades of experience, but almost anyone can get into knife-building by sta
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Side Trips
If you’d rather fish smaller waters for smaller trout among smaller crowds, two excellent destinations are within the Missouri River’s orbit. The closest is Little Prickly Pear Creek, an important spawning tributary of the Missouri that closely follo
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Savage Impulse
Although various forms of the design have been fielded for nearly 150 years in other countries, the straight-pull bolt-action rifle has largely been ignored by hunters in the United States. We’re used to lifting the handle before cycling the bolt and
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Anchored By Satellite
Exceptional boat control is one of the primary factors that separates good days on the water from great ones. Locking the boat onto a single fixed position allows anglers to saturate the strike zone with baits, helping to convert more lookers into bi
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Go With A Pro
A good strategy for fishing the Missouri for the first time is to hire a guide for at least a day in order to learn how to fish the river and get an understanding of the best patterns. There is no shortage of fly shops and shuttle services that will
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Where The Fish Are
Prior to fishing, call regional biologists or hatcheries for information. Summer steelhead are hatchery-supported fisheries, and those facilities often have the best info on how many fish are returning in a given year. In high-run years, summer steel
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Purple Reign
A ribbon of blue water wound down out of a steep mountain range. Easy to cross or wade in almost any of its reaches and emerging from a deep gorge, this river held trout—rainbows and browns—that were seldom fished over. The river was new to me, but t
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Around The West
It’s summer in the West. Runoff is working out of mountain streams, and warmwater fisheries are still dynamic. For trout anglers in Colorado and other mountain states, early summer sees the the first flush of the season’s peak angling. While summer i
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Hot Steel
Dropping anchor in the shallows, I hopped out of my drift boat, walked a shaded bank and worked a bobber and jig into a seam tight to shore. Fifteen minutes prior I’d watched multiple boats run this same riffle, but all of them back-trolled plugs thr
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Purple Parachutes
J’s Purple Nurple Parachute Purple Rooster Parachute UV Purple Haze Purple Comparadun Purple Haze Purple Parachute Adams Purple Para Wulff Purple Spectral Parachute Speedy Sparkle Purple Haze Bloom’s Parachute Caddis Front End Loader Purple Reece’s
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Riding High
To keep a dry fly floating, apply a bit of floatant before fishing. A dab of gel floatant can go a long way. Squeeze a small drop onto your forefinger, rub it between your finger and thumb and then work it into the fly and hair. An exception is when
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Game & Fish East
Michael F. X. Cassidy EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Adam Heggenstaller EDITOR John Taranto REGIONAL EDITORS David F. Johnson Dr. Todd A. Kuhn Drew Warden ONLINE CONTENT EDITOR Scott Bernarde ART D
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Go With The Flow On The Mo
Big water, big fish, big hatches and big crowds. That’s a fairly accurate description of Montana’s blue-ribbon reach of the Missouri River, generally located between Helena and Great Falls, and almost all of it within sight of Interstate 15. This wat
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The Right Stuff
Among bass anglers, small-mouths have a reputation for fighting with a never-say-quit pugnacity. River smallmouths, in particular, are among the hardest fighters, and once you figure out the pattern, it’s possible to catch dozens of fish in a day on
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Savage Impulse Big Game
TYPE: straight-pull, bolt-action centerfire rifle CALIBER: 6.5 Creedmoor (tested) MAGAZINE: detachable box; 4-round capacity BARREL: 22 inches, medium contour, fluted; 1:8-inch twist; muzzle threaded 5/8x24 TRIGGER: user-adjustable AccuTrigger STOCK:
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Not sweating the details—like the weather forecast—can ruin a day on the water. Beware of the blunders covered in “7 Angling Mistakes to Avoid.” Our 12-episode video series “Beyond the Rifle,” hosted by Adam Heggenstaller, takes an in-depth look at
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Shooting Results
LOAD: Federal Ammunition 140-grain Fusion AVERAGE MUZZLE VELOCITY: 2,692 fps SMALLEST GROUP: 1.02 inches LARGEST GROUP: 1.22 inches AVERAGE GROUP: 1.14 inches LOAD: Hornady Precision Hunter 143-grain ELD-X AVERAGE MUZZLE VELOCITY: 2,618 fps SMALLEST
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Alaskan Abundance
Early on a cool September morning, guide Tyler Gottfredson launches his wooden, wide-body drift boat at the Kenai River State Park boat ramp just below Kenai Lake and the Milepost 48 Sterling Highway bridge. Two other anglers and I don chest waders,
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8 Tips For Bucket-list Success
When you save your money and vacation days for a “bucket list” fishing or hunting trip, you naturally want everything to be perfect, and for most people such a trip makes for unforgettable memories. For some, however, the trip goes terribly wrong, an
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Root Cause
Based in Nebraska, the Arbor Day Foundation ( is a nonprofit conservation and education organization with nearly 1 million members. The group was formed in 1972 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Arbor Day and works to “insp
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Long Story Short
Although long-range hunting seems to be a new trend, the truth is hunters have always searched for ways to extend their effective range with a rifle. That’s how we went from the .30-30 Winchester to the .30-06 Springfield and then to the .300 Winches
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Get More DIY Advice
Want to build a fish- and game-cleaning station? Looking for ways to maximize your garage space for working on bows? Need some tips on adding trees and plants to your yard to benefit wildlife? You’ll find details on all of these DIY projects and many
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Kenai Peninsula Trip Planner
Alaska River Adventures (ARA) offers fishing, sightseeing and bear-viewing trips, and the outfit will tailor an epic Alaskan experience to its clients’ wishes. Chase rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and silver salmon on a multitude of waters, or go after
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Sporting Rules
On the way home from baseball practice, Shane’s father stopped to get gas. When Shane hopped out of the truck, he instantly noticed a bright yellow flier hanging next to the pump. “Can we enter this?” Shane asked as he pointed toward the sign. “Hmm
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Catching Cats Start To Finish
Western anglers have plenty of options of species to fish for in June, but there’s an unsung hero often gets overlooked: the channel catfish. Widely distributed in lowland lakes and rivers, channel cats fight like bulldogs and make for a great fish f
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Forests For The Trees
You may have heard some variation of an ancient Chinese proverb that speaks to both forestry and optimism, with a cameo appearance by procrastination. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,” says the most frequently quoted version. “The sec
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Tackle Talk
BAITCASTING: Abu Garcia’s Zata baitcast combo offers a solid setup for smallies. I prefer the 7-foot, medium-heavy rod, which comes with a split handle and Winn Dri-Tac anti-slip grip. The Zata reel features 10 stainless steel bearings and one roller
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How Far Is Too Far?
Last fall a good friend of mine killed a bull elk at 358 yards. It was a long shot for a guy who most often hunts whitetails in the hills of Pennsylvania and typically fills his tag at a fifth of that distance. It’s a long shot for me. Might be for y
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6.8 Western
Shooting accurately at extended distances is a skill that takes time and effort to acquire, but once attained, it can be truly satisfying both on the range and in the field. There is a plethora of cartridges well-suited for long-range endeavors, and
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