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Scam Watch
“Scams are running rampant in the cryptocurrency markets as a huge rally in bitcoin, a lack of regulation and the anonymity of digital money have created a ripe environment for fraudsters,” warns Alexander Osipovich in The Wall Street Journal. US con
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Nice Work If You Can Get It
Last year was a bumper one for executive pay in the biggest US companies despite Covid-19, say Theo Francis and Inti Pacheco in The Wall Street Journal. Median pay reached $13.4m for the CEOs of America’s benchmark S&P 500 index in 2020, setting a fi
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The Oil Rally May Run Out Of Puff
Brent crude was trading north of $71 a barrel this week, its highest level since May 2019. The latest leg of the rally was due to Opec+, a group of major producers led by Saudi Arabia and Russia. The group has been collectively withholding millions o
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Best Of The Financial Columnists
The sale of a plate of laboratory-grown chicken nuggets in a Singapore restaurant last December may have been the start of an “industrial, social and cultural revolution”, says Anthony Browne. Globally, more than 30 start-ups are working on laborator
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Who’s Getting What
• Around 60% of shareholders in events group Informa voted to reject the pay report last week, says the Financial Times. Under the new scheme, the chief executive, Stephen Carter, who was paid almost £1.5m last year, would be in line for stock worth
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Banks Back In The Small-business Loan Business
• NatWest, Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, Metro Bank and Santander have all told the Treasury Select Committee that small businesses will now find it much easier to open business bank accounts with them after an extended period of turning away applications.
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Global Small-cap Stocks With Big Potential
Global small-cap stocks often fail to gain the attention they perhaps deserve. Their appeal is frequently either underappreciated or overlooked, especially when the dominant narrative and newsflow routinely revolves around the attractions of Big Tech
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Merkel’s Party Cheered By State Election
Voters in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt defied the polls and threw their support behind the ruling CDU on Sunday in the last regional ballot before national elections, says Melissa Eddy in The New York Times. It could be asign of which way things
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Soft Commodities Soar
Global food prices are rising at their fastest pace in a decade. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says that prices jumped by almost 40% in May compared to a year before. Its index tracks a basket of soft commodities including sugar, dai
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To Save Science, Slash The Budget President Joe Biden is planning to raise the US government’s spending on science by 20% over the next year. The UK government is planning to double its funding of science. Both proposals enjoy bipartisan support, says Terence Kealey, not
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Nanny Remains Reluctant To Let Us Go
Everything about the suggestions that 21 June might not herald the final end to lockdown is “predictable”, says Madeline Grant in The Daily Telegraph. The “leaking and counter-leaking”, designed to “nudge” behaviour rather than add clarity; the “patr
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Big Changes On The Cards For Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, could be unseated on Sunday, after lawmakers hold a vote of confidence in a new coalition government, says Patrick Kingsley in The New York Times. The vote is expected to dethrone Netanyahu
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Money Talks
“It’s not like modelling where you can wing it and charm people and dazzle them with your looks, you’ve got to do the work. There are OK actors, there are good actors, then there are amazing actors. I want to be up there. I don’t want to be good or O
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US funds tech race with China: The Senate has approved a $250bn spending bill to boost funding for technology research and development amid rising competition from China, says John McKinnon in The Wall Street Journal. The US Innovation and Competitio
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Councils’ Sneaky Ban On Cars Unless you live in an area already blighted by them, the chances are you haven’t heard of LTNs, says Charlotte Gill. “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods” are a wheeze of local councils designed to ban traffic from certain areas. That
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Betting On Politics
At the time of writing, the ongoing trade negotiations between the UK and Australia seemed to have reached a critical point. Boris Johnson is supportive in principle, but Australia was threatening to walk away from talks unless granted greater access
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The Bottom Line
£5.5bn The bill to deliver 589 new Ajax light tanks for the British Army. The project, however, is facing “major issues” and may be “unachievable”, aleaked government report conceded last week. Soldiers have become ill after testing them. £41,000 Th
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Covid-19 Gives Start-ups A Boost We usually respond to “big unforeseen shocks” in one of two ways, says Allison Schrager. We recoil from risk-taking, as in the aftermath of the Great Depression, “leading to the creation of the modern welfare state and a gene
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Why Investing Abroad Is Easier Than You Think
Buying foreign shares directly remains a minority sport among British investors. There were around one million trades on overseas exchanges through UK stockbrokers in the last quarter of 2020, compared with around 7.5 million trades in UK securities,
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Be Glad You Didn’t Buy…
Napster Group (Aim: NAPS) is a music streaming and virtual-reality (VR) entertainment company. Formerly called Melody VR, the company bought the Napster streaming platform – once synonymous with peer-to-peer music filesharing – for $70m in December 2
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Maids of Honour Row, Richmond, London. A house in a Georgian terrace built in 1718 on the grounds of Richmond Palace for the Maids of Honour attending George II’s wife. It retains its shuttered sash windows, wood floors and original fireplaces. 4 bed
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A Twist In The Tale At AMC
Normally, the first week of June would see the summer blockbuster season in full swing, says Lex in the Financial Times. This year however, “the blockbuster is the cinema”. AMC Entertainment Holdings has become the latest “meme stock” – a stock that
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The Way We Live Now: Correcting Cosmetic Cock-ups
Lip fillers and Botox have been all the rage over the past few years, and efforts to regulate the sector have been swamped by the demand, says Arthi Nachiappan in The Times. As a result these treatments can be injected by “literally anybody”, accordi
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Tabloid Money… The Price Of Love
• “How much, in terms of hard cash, do you love your pet?” asks Tom Utley in the Daily Mail. “It’s a brutal question… and most of us would answer… it’s impossible to p ta price on love – even when the object of our affection happens to be a dumb anim
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Virus Tests Fail Travellers
If Matt Hancock doesn’t stop you going on holiday this summer then the cost of Covid-19 tests just might. A negative PCR test (the type that must be sent to a laboratory for analysis) is required for entry into many countries and on return to the UK,
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Beware Commercial Property
The market for office property is facing a reckoning. Many companies are planning to adopt a “hybrid” working model once the pandemic is over, with weeks split between days in the office and days working from home. That means they will require less f
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Bringing Big Tech To Heel
For a century and more, multinational companies have paid tax in the jurisdiction where they are based. That’s the simplest system. But as the world economy globalised, it has increasingly fostered a complex web of ownership structures, tax havens an
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Why We’re Buying Big Oil
Some of the world’s largest corporate emitters of carbon dioxide have “suffered a series of landmark boardroom and courtroom defeats, reflecting the waning patience of investors pushing for much faster action to tackle the climate emergency”, says CN
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Book Of The Week
With Covid-19 related hospitalisations down by over 97% from the January peak and the average number of deaths barely in double figures, you’d expect people to welcome the impending removal of the final domestic restrictions. Instead, it seems not a
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Five Great British Beaches
Luskentyre beach, on Harris in the Outer Hebrides, is one of the island’s “show-stoppers”, says Hugh Morris in The Sunday Telegraph. The beach makes “a vast ‘V’ shape as the sea infringes the land, cutting channels and streams that ebb and flow with
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