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The term woman is used to identify a female human, regardless of age, as in

phrases such as "women's rights". Woman may also refer to a person's gender identity.
Women with typical genetic development are usually capable of giving birth from
puberty until menopause. a vote or general election is an election in which all or most
members of a given political body are chosen. Indonesia is a country that has a
democracy politic system. In choosing the government in our country such as: regent,
governor, parliament and president, the citizens join in general election. The general
election is held in one time in Indonesia even in abroad for the Indonesian who stay in
abroad. But, do all the citizen of Indonesia especially for women can participate in
general election? All citizen can participate in general election except the women. It is
caused by many factors.
Firstly, the total of woman population in Indonesia are 126.8 million. While the
total of man population are 128.1 million, appropriate written by BPS in 2014. It is
mean that 49.7 % of indonesian’s citizen are women. If women participate in general
election, then the government will spend a lot of fund to hold an elections. For
example, if the government wasting Rp. 100,000.00 each woman, then Rp.
100,000.00 x 126,800,000 = 12,680,000,000,000. So the fund which has spent for
general election is too much
Secondly, the women can keep giving their aspiration by her husband. They can
get their right to vote by discussing with their husband about what will they choose.
Beside preventing the difference opinion between wife and husband, it also make their
family become more harmonious
The third, there are still many isolated area in Indonesia. We need a big fund to
distribute the election paper to that area. If the women not vote so it will decrease the
distribution fund.
Last, all government rests ultimately on force to which women and owing to
physical are not capable of contributing. By reason owing physical, women shouldn’t
vote to protect them from violence during the elections. Because many people exploit
the weakness of a women to get a lot voting.
From the reason above, we have known that there are many factors why the
women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. We think that it is a good way that can give
advantage for the general election specially in Indonesia.

Written by:
Ahmad Jayadi Maulid Nahda Nur Arasy
Muh. Ridho Akbar Saafitri Nur
Dewi Risdayanti