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In RouterOS queue configurations the word "total" usually represents

A. download

B. upload + download
C. download - upload
D. upload

Penjelasan: Queue merupaka konfigurasi yang digunakan untuk melimit atau membatasi
Traffic entah itu Traffic download ataupun upload. Implementasi pada Queue
berdasarkan Hierarchical Token Bucket(HTB). HTB memungkinkan untuk membuat
struktur antrian hirarkis dan menentukan hubungan antara antrian.HTB mempunyai 4
struktur yang berbeda yaitu:
global-in:mewakili semua interface masukan secara umum (masuknya antrian). Antrian
melekat global di berlaku untuk lalu lintas yang diterima oleh router sebelum packet
global-out:mewakili semua output interface pada umumnya (egress queue).
globa-total:mewakili semua interface input dan output bersama-sama (dengan kata lain
itu adalah agregasi global-in dan global-out). Digunakan dalam kasus ketika pelanggan
memiliki batas tunggal untuk kedua, upload dan download.
<Interface name>:merupakan satu antarmuka keluar tertentu. Hanya traffic ini yang
ditujukan untuk pergi keluar melalui antarmuka ini akan melewati Queue HTB ini.
untuk lebih jelasnya kamu dapat melihatnya disini

34.Mark the queue types that are available in RouterOS

A. SFQ – Stochastic Fairness QueuingB. DRR - Deficit Round RobinC. FIFO - First In First Out
(for Bytes or for Packets)D. LIFO - Last In First OutE. PCQ – Per Connection Queuing
F. RED – Random Early Detect (or Drop)
Penjelasan: queue berguna untuk melimit traffic. implementasi Queue di MikroTik RouterOS
berdasarkan Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB). HTB memungkinkan untuk membuat struktur
antrian hirarkis dan menentukan hubungan antara antrian. Queue memiliki 4 type yaitu
SFQ,PCQ,RED dan FIFO. FIFO terbagi lagi menjadi 3 yaitu BFIFO,PFIFO, dan MQ PFIFO.

29. What kind of users are listed in the Secrets window of the PPP menu?
A.L2TP users
B.PPPOE users
C.Hotspot users
D.PPTP users
E.Winbox users
F.Wireless users

Penjelasan:MikroTik RouterOS memiliki klien RADIUS yang dapat mengotentikasi untuk

koneksi PPP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP dan ISDN. Sedangkan Winbox Users, Wireless Users, dan
Hotspot User bukan termasuk di dalam PPP menu.
28.NStreme works only on 40mhz Channel width

Penjelasan: Nstreme tidak hanya bekerja pada Channel 40 Mhz, NStreme juga bekerja pada Channel 20
Mhz, dan 10 Mhz. Channel default dari NStreme adalah 20 Mhz.

26.What is the default protocol/port of (secure) winbox?

A. TCP/8080
B. TCP/22
C. UDP/5678
D. TCP/8291

Penjelasan: Default Protocol/port untuk Winbox memakai port TCP/8291 sedangkan UDP/5678
untuk Mikrotik Neighborv Discovery Protocol, TCP/22 untuk SSH dan TCP/8080 untuk Web Proxy
jika kamu ingin mengetahui lebih protocol apa saja yang digunakan oleh Mikrotik kamu dapat
lihatnya disini

25.Which option in configuration of a wireless card must be disabled to make router to permit
only known clients listed in the access list to connect?
A. Default Forward
B. Enable Access List
C. Default Authenticate
D. Security Profile

Penjelasan: Default Authenticate memungkinkan seluruh client dapat terhubung tanpa diseleksi oleh
Router jika mode ini di non aktifkan maka kita dapat menentukan Kebijakan klient boleh terkoneksi ke
Access Point atau tidak. Jika ingin terkoneksi ke Access Poitn maka pastikan terlebih dahulu Mac Address
Device kamu sudah terdaftar apa belum di Access List jika belum maka kamu tidak akan bisa konek ke
Access Point

43.Wireless clients (mode=station) will work properly if bridged to ethernet


45.Mark possible TCP states in the connection tracking table

A. New
B. Syn
C. Related
D. Invalid
E. Established
F. Closed
Penjelasan:Connection Tracking hanya ada 4 yaitu New, Related, Invalid, Established

47.What is the default TTL (time to live) on a router that an IP packet can experience before it
will be discarded?

48.You have 802.11b/g wireless card. What frequencies are available to you?

9.Simple Queue number 0 defines 2M for upload and download for target IP
Simple Queue number 1 defines 4M for upload and download for target IP Client is be able to obtain
A. 2M upload/download
B. 4M upload/download
C. 0M upload/download
D. 6M upload/download

Penjelasan: Data yang terbuat lebih dulu di Mikrotik itu yang akan di prose jadi misalkan kamu
membuat konfigurasi 2M untuk upload terlebih dahulu maka Konfiguras itu yang akan dipakai.

54.What is necessary for PPPoE client configuration?

A. ip firewall nat masquerade rule
B. Interface (on which PPPoE client is going to work)
C. Static IP address on PPPoE client interface
Penjelasan: PPPOE berfungsi untuk mendistribusikan IP di modem ADSL. PPOE dipasang di
Interface yang menuju ke client.
56.The highest queue priority is
A. 16
B. 1
C. 256
D. 8

58.For user in local ppp secrets/ppp profiles database, it is possible to

A. Allow only pppoe login
B. Deny services (like telnet) only for this user or for one group of users
C. Set max values for total transferred bytes (up- and download)
D. Allow/deny use of more than one login by this user
E. Allow login by pppoe and pptp, but deny login by l2tp

59.PPP Secrets are used for

A. L2TP clients
B. PPP clients
C. IPSec clients
D. Router users
E. PPtP clients
F. PPPoE client

60.PPPoE server only works within one Ethernet broadcast domain that it is
connected to. If there is a router between server and end-user host, it will not be able
to create PPPoE tunnel to that PPPoE server.

74.You want to use PCQ and allow 256k maximum download and upload for each client.
Choose correct argument values for the required queue.
A. kind=pcq pcq-limit=1256000 pcq-classifier=dst-address
B. kind=pcq pcq-limit=256000 pcq-classifier=dst-address
C. kind=pcq pcq-limit=5000000 pcq-classifier=src-address
D. kind=pcq pcq-limit=256000 pcq-classifier=src-address
E. kind=pcq pcq-limit=5000000 pcq-classifier=dst-address

78.Which of these are possible solutions to bridge two networks over a wireless link:
A. Both devices in AP mode and enable WDS mode
B. One device in AP mode, another one in station-pseudobridge-clone
C. One device in AP mode, another one in station-pseudobridge
D. One device in AP mode, another one in station

79.Which of the following is true for connection tracking

A. Enabling connection tracking reduces CPU usage in RouterOS
B. Connection tracking must be enabled for firewall to be effective
C. Connection tracking must be enable for NAT'ed network
D. Disable connection tracking for mangle to work

80.What is marked by connection-state=established matcher?

A. Packet is related to, but not part of an existing connection
B. Packet begins a new TCP connection
C. Packet does not correspond to any known connection
D. Packet belongs to an existing connection,for example a reply packet or a packet which
belongs to already replied connection

85.Why is it useful to set a Radio Name on the radio interfaces?

A.To identify a station in a list of connected clients
B.To identify a station in the Access List
C.To identify a station in Neighbor discovery

87.Which are necessary section in /queue simple to set bandwith limitation ?

B.Target-address, max limit
C.Target-address, max-limit, dst-address
D.Target-address, dst-address

88.The hotspot feature can be used only on ethernet interfaces. You have to use a
separate access point if you want to use this feature with wireless

90.If a packet comes to a router and starts a new, previously unseen connection, which connection
state would be applied to it?
A. new
B. established
C. unknown
D. invalid
E. no connection state would be applied to such packet

92.Possible actions of ip firewall filter are: