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Jenny Fleiss

What should founders be aware of before taking venture capital? When Rent the Runway first raised funding, we were so excited to get a term sheet from Bain Capital that we signed it right away. We might not have given due time to meeting all the players out on the West Coast. Taking a couple more weeks in those critical moments and exposing yourself to all networks of venture capital can be valuable. What are some of the challenges that women entrepreneurs face that men don’t, and how did you overcome them? Women often start businesses that address a female need. Rent the Runway is a good e
The Atlantic
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The Field Where Men Still Call the Shots

For teenagers aspiring to make it onto a high-school sports team, the summer-vacation days of sleeping in are drawing to a close. By mid-August, many hopeful athletes will be exerting themselves before a cadre of school coaches, striving to demonstrate their fitness or conceal their summer sloth. Younger kids, too, soon will be back on the playing fields—if they ever left—and will begin training for their miniature versions of  various varsity sports.   Maggie Moriarty was one of those kids. Long before she began competing for the women’s lacrosse team at Holy Cross College, she shined on doze
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On Message, Off Target

WHEN ENTERING an unfamiliar society, it is wise to learn the local customs, the unspoken rules, and the names of its heroes, villains, and gods. The same rule applies to Startup Land. To an outsider, the world of venture-backed startups might feel impenetrable. But don’t despair: The Internet is littered with free guides to The Startup Way. Look first to the luminaries known by their acronyms: PG, TK, @AVC, a16z. (That would be Y Combinator founder Paul Graham, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson, and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.) Follow their blog
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Pivot into success…

All your life, you’ve made choices that have led you down one path at the sacrifice of another. If you’ve ever wanted to take a different road or feel stuck on the path you’re on, Adam Markel’s advice will help you get over those roadblocks and reach your peak success.