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The Guardian
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Food & Wine

GM Salmon Hits Shelves in Canada – but People May Not Know They're Buying It

Canadian supermarkets have become the first in the world to stock genetically modified fish, and about five tonnes of GM salmon have been sold in the country in recent months. The sales figure was revealed in the most recent earnings report of the US-based AquaBounty Technologies, whose hybrid Atlantic salmon – which contains a gene from a Chinook salmon and a promoter sequence from the ocean pout – has been at the heart of a heated debate over transgenic animals as food. Originally developed by a group of Canadian scientists at Newfoundland’s Memorial University, the salmon can grow twice as
Clean Eating
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Food & Wine

Dinner on a Dime – and in Less Time!

Welcome back to our annual Budget Issue showcasing over 20 meals ringing in at $3 or less and full of kitchen shortcuts that are sure to change your cooking game forever. In this edition, we’re bringing back some of your all-time favorites, like “Goodness to Go!” on page 38, a mainstay of the Budget Issue for four years running, featuring 10 make-and-take recipes from breakfasts and snacks to lunches and dinners that make eating clean on the move a cinch. Also back by popular demand is our batchcooking feature, “Get-Ahead Sundays” (page 76), where we show you how to make a week’s worth of meal
The Atlantic
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Fashion & Beauty

The Decline of the American Laundromat

Lavanderia, one of San Francisco’s largest laundromats, is an urban relic. Its peeling aquamarine walls house some 110 machines. Telenovelas play on a TV and arcade games from the 1990s are tucked into unexpected nooks. After opening in 1991, Lavanderia—like so many other laundromats in big cities—became a social hub in a neighborhood where renters lacked the space or funds for their own machines. But, again like so many other laundromats in big cities, Lavanderia’s future is uncertain. While families have been hauling their dirty towels, sheets, and underwear there for decades, the business’s