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Jenny Fleiss

What should founders be aware of before taking venture capital? When Rent the Runway first raised funding, we were so excited to get a term sheet from Bain Capital that we signed it right away. We might not have given due time to meeting all the players out on the West Coast. Taking a couple more weeks in those critical moments and exposing yourself to all networks of venture capital can be valuable. What are some of the challenges that women entrepreneurs face that men don’t, and how did you overcome them? Women often start businesses that address a female need. Rent the Runway is a good e
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Evolution Revolution: A New Theory on Cancer

Paul Davies knows what’s wrong with cancer research: too much cash and too little forethought. Despite billions of dollars invested in fighting this disease, it has remained an inscrutable foe. “There is this assumption that you can solve the problem by throwing money at it,” he says, “that you can spend your way to a solution.” Davies, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University (ASU)—and therefore somewhat of an interloper in the field of cancer—claims he has a better idea. “I believe you have to think your way to a solution.” Over the course of several years spent pondering cancer,
Women's Health
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This Could Happen in Your Hometown

“Sunny day” flooding— caused not by rain but by rising tides—in 2015 in Miami. According to a report by the American Meteorological Society, the region “is more likely to experience [this type of] flooding…caused by global warming.” Warmer temperatures, which are linked to climate change, dry out the land, making forest fires—like this June 2016 one in L.A.— more extreme. Women of all stripes and political leanings have become passionate activists about issues that matter to them. But our progressively hotter planet—an issue that impacts us all—has drawn less zeal than it should. Maybe that’s
Chaos Monkeys
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An insider’s hilarious account…

Take a look at how Silicon Valley culture has run amok. What are all the wealthy people doing inside the tech bubble, and if they’re getting away with all that, what could possibly make it burst? Martinez relates his personal antics as a former Facebook and Twitter employee with cutting humor to paint a damning picture of unchecked privilege.