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Judul Penelitian : Hubungan tingkat pengetahuan perawat dengan tindakan keperawatan pada
pasien pasca operasi dengan General Anesthesia di ruang pemulihan IBS RSD
dr. Soebandi Jember
Research Title : Correlation between knowledge of nurses with nursing action in post-
operative patients with General Anesthesia in the recovery room IBS RSD
dr. Soebandi Jember

Tahun Penelitian : 2013

Year of research : 2013

Nama Peneliti : Riezky Dwi Eriawan

Name of Researcher : Riezky Dwi Eriawan

Alamat Jurnal : Jurnal Pustaka Kesehatan, volume 1 (nomor 1), september 2013
Address Journal : Health Library Journal, volume 1 (number 1), September 2013

Lokasi Penelitian : ruang pemulihan IBS RSD dr. Soebandi Jember

Research location : recovery room IBS RSD dr. Soebandi Jember

Tujuan Penelitian : Mengetahui apakah ada hubungan tingkat pengetahuan perawat dengan
tindakan keperawatan pada pasien pasca operasi dengan general anesthesia di
ruang pemulihan IBS RSD dr. Soebandi Jember
Objective : Knowing whether there is correlation between knowledge of nurses with
nursing actions in postoperative patients with general anesthesia in the
recovery room IBS RSD dr. Soebandi Jember

Metode Penelitian : Desain studi korelasi, jenis penelitian analitik observasional dengan pendekatan
Research Methods : Correlation study design, type of analytic observational study with cross-

Sampel dan Sampling : Menggunakan total sampling dengan responden 20 perawat yang dinas di ruang
Kriteria inklusi meliputi perawat yang dinas di ruang pemulihan, perawat dalam
keadaan sehat fisik, perawat dengan pendidikan minimal D3 keperawatan dan
telah memberikan persetujuan untuk dijadikan sample.
Kriteria eksklusi dalam penelitian ini adalah perawat yang cuti saat dilakukan
Samples and Sampling: Using the total sampling with 20 respondents duty nurse in the recovery
Inclusion criteria include the duty nurse in the recovery room, the nurse in
a healthy state of physical, nurses with a minimum of D3 nursing education
and has given approval for the sampled.
The exclusion criteria in this study were nurses who leave when doing

Kelebihan : Penelitian ini memiliki kelebihan:

1. Peneliti melakukan observasi 2 kali pada hari yang berbeda terhadap
perawat yang sama.
2. Hasil penelitian didukung dengan hasil penelitian terdahulu.
3. Indikator yang digunakan dalam penelitian memiliki landasan teori yang
sesuai dengan masing-masing indikator.
4. Penelitian dilakukan selama 30 hari, sehingga hasil yang didapatkan lebih

This study has advantages :

a. Researchers conducted observation 2 times on different days on the same nurse.
b. Research supported by the results of previous research.
c. The indicators used in research have the theory that in accordance with each of the
d. Research was done for 30 days, so the results obtained more accurate
Kekurangan :
This study has its drawbacks :
a. Researchers did not mention years in the title research
b. In the abstract not explained about the purpose of research
c. in a journal not mentioned the number of the population
d. in a journal not explained on the assessment of standards used
e. Researchers argue that the most influential work was the experience, but not
explained impact on the level of knowledge or the act of nursing
Implikasi Keperawatan
Nursing Implications : The implications of this research are :
Could be used as input to material consideration the hospital used to design services policy
nursing in determining standard operating procedures handling perioperatif especially
postoperative , by conducting an education or training sustained so that the rate of knowledge
and the act of nursing for the better

Analisi Jurnal
The level of knowledge nurse who less can cause complications and complaints from the harm to
patients so as to cause death. Lack of knowledge will give a dark side towards patients and to
nurse, this may cause services received less quality, heavier diseased condition of patients because
the services obtained not in accordance with the needs of patients. The act of nursing done
postoperative consists of eight the act of which includes the management of the airway, the
monitor circulation, monitoring of fluids and electrolytes, monitoring body temperature, of
judging with aldrete score, mangement of comfort patients, the handover of and officers the
operating room and the handover with the treatment room (ward).
General anesthesia is a state of loss of pain in the whole body and loss of consciousness that is
temporary produced through emphasis central nervous systems because of the induction in
pharmacology or emphasis on sensory nerve. Patients who undergo the act of new surgically be
brought to the recovery room.

Data collecting instrument using questionnaire and observation sheet. data on the level of
knowledge obtained from questionnaires distributed to nurses. observation nursing actions
performed for 30 days from 8:00 to 14:00 o'clock pm. Within 1 week of researchers conducted
observations 3 times (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). Every nurse has a responsibility to 2
patients. Researchers observed 4-5 nurses in 1 day. Each nurse performed 2 times observed on
different days. Observation assessment nursing actions performed by taking the average value of
the second observation. Processing data using chi-square test with 95% confidence interval (a =
0.05). Researchers using SPSS for data processing and statistical analysis

the results showed there were 18 nurses (90%) had a level of knowledge and nursing action with
good category and 2 nurses (10%) had a level of knowledge and nursing action with sufficient
category. This is in line with research empirically Rokim stating the longer someone bekrja, the
skills and experience have also increased. besides research Murdeani and Rahardyan stated that
the higher level of knowledge about post-operative nursing the better in nursing action during
the post-operative.

There is a a significant association between the level of knowledge of nurses with nursing actions
with general anesthesia post operative in the recovery room (p: 0.005, a: 0.05).