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SECTION 1: STRUCTURE (1-40) Direction: Choose the correct answer. “He has to take a TOEFL test before leaving for the US.” “No have to; he already took it a few months ago.” A. heisn’t B. he doesn’t C. he hasn't D. he mustn’t E. he can’t “Have they taken the injured to the hospital?” ‘The passive voice form of the sentence is * z will the injured boy be taken to the hospital the injured boy is being taken by them to the hospital is the injured boy taken to the hospital the injured boy has been taken to the hospital has the injured boy been taken to the hospital moaom> ‘Now that he has moved to my town, we can see each other regularly. The underlined words means to my town we can see each other regularly, because he has moved before he has moved although he has moved provided that he has moved in the meantime he has moved mPoOD> Lwish someone answered my call. It’s been ringing for about five minutes. The underlined sentence means someone will answer the phone someone had answer my call the phone has stopped ringing nobody answers the phone I would answer the phone mpORD> .. Bither the management or the education system of our institute tobe reviewed to increase the number of graduates next year. that needs need . needing they need » needs moOOnP . Speech consists not merely of sound but that follow various structural patterns, ‘A. that sound patterns are organized B. organized sound patterns C.. of organized sound patterns D. organizing sound pattems E, in organizing sound pattems When I was a child, I didn’t like to do house work, but my mother had my room before I could go out to play. cleaned . toclean cleaning Y to be cleaned . being cleaned moowPe “Don't make noise children,” she said. In other words we say ‘A. she told the children don’t make noise B. she told the children not to make noise C. she said the children didn’t make noise D. she didn’t say the children should make noise E. she didn’t say the children to make noise , STIS students are intelligent, active and are diligence are intelligent, are active, and are diligent are intelligence, active, and diligent are intelligent, active and diligent are intelligence, active and diligence moOpP 10. “Was Austin accepted at BPS?” “He might have been; I haven't seen him around for some time.” From the sentence, we may conclude that he 9 refuses to work for BPS was probably accepted isnot working for BPS is still unemployed was certain accepted mOOME 11. ‘Ali often stays at home. Ali sometimes takes a walk.” We can also say ‘ Ali likes staying home than take a walk Ali would rather staying home than taking a walk Ali prefers staying home than taking a walk Alli prefers to stay home to take a walk Alli prefers staying home to taking a walk moOmP> 12, The director of my company keeps telling us that the more we can sell our products, then we can obtain more profits of course we can obtain more profit the more profits we can obtain we are getting more profit, 0 we will get more profits mOOwP 13. Neither the hotel facilities ensure a comfortable stay for the guests. and also its service © nor its services and not its service or its hotel services both its services moOB> 14, Although the couple has been married for five years, they are still childless childness childhood childish « childbirth mUODE Halaman 3 dari 13 Halaman 15, Tyron : “We are manufacturers of environment-friendly appliances.” Yumn: a Tyron : “Well, research has shown that our products do not damage the ozone layer.” The most appropriate response by Yumna is: Sorry, I don’t quite follow you. Could you say that again please? Did you say ‘environment-ftiendly’? What exactly do you mean by ‘environment-ftiendly”? That’s fabulous. I just can’t believe it, mpoRD> 16. Mother the food by the time the children come home. cooks cooked will have cooked » will cook has cooked moowp 17"If I hadn't booked in advance, I would have had difficulties in getting good 2ccommodation at a reasonable price.” The sentence means: : A. it was difficult to get a room although I had reservation B. I found a room in advance but it wasn’t comfortable C. the room I got was good but rather expensive D. 1 was lucky to get a good room without reservation E. I gota good room, and I didn’t have to pay much 18. Uniqua: “Hi, why do you look so sad? Something wrong?” Andika: “Yeah. I wish I had time to have a date with Tasya.” From the dialogue, we know that A. Uniqua promises to meet Tasya B. Andika loses his chance to meet Tasya C. Both Uniqua and Andika will visit Tasya D. Andika and Uniqua have no time for a date E. Neither Uniqua or Andika has a date with Tasya 19. His father insisted on medicine because he thinks it will enable his son to help many peopie. he is to study having studied his studying that he studies he is studying moOOWP> Halaman 4 dari 13 Halaman 20. eae in developing tourism in Indonesia, ‘A. there is cooperation between the government and related education centers B. the establishment of cooperation between government and related education centers has been realized cooperation between government and related education centers has been established ‘the government cooperates with related education centers itis necessary to establish cooperation between the government and related i centers of education moO 21. He did not pass his oral examination because he was either nervous __ A. or not well prepared B, or he did not prepare himself well C. and did not prepare well D. also the preparation was not good E_ but he was not well prepared of the many norms that every member of the society to follow. 24s Gere coming the party tnight™ “Yes, he asked me A. can he go with us? B. ifhe could go with us C. he went with us D. going with us E. whether he goes with us 25. The workers are demanding not only a raise in salary but also they want a longer annual leave to have a longer annual leave a longer annual leave they asked a longer annual leave in getting a longer annual leave mOOD> 26. My ftiend said, “I have never seen such a good film.” From the above statement, we may conclude that itis the first time he see a film this is the best film he has ever seen he seldom went to good movies the film he saw was a bad one he has never seen bad films before moOD> 27. Because of his knowledge and experience, Dr. Mario Sandy is recognized as in the field of linguistics. authorize authorized authoritarian authority author MOORPSs 28. Olla__ : “Inever see you so nervous like this. What is happening to you?” Raffi: “Ihave to do this complicated task, but I do not know where to start.” The underlined words express incapability dissatisfaction uncertainty disagreement possibility FoOp> 29. “Can you accompany me to go shopping this afternoon?” “I guess so. Pick me up at 2 p.m., and I home from school.” have come am coming will have come will be coming will have been coming mpOR> 30. 31. B23 34, Had our lecturer informed us in previous days that he would hold a test that day, we would have prepared all out for it. From this sentence, we know that the speaker failed to take the test didn’t get a satisfying result of the test got a good score in the test had known about the test had not taken the course tested moow> ‘Problems of transportation have caused donated food and clothing for the tsunami vietims to be piled up at airport.” slivwishy oie there are more volunteers to help the victims should not have worried the government can ask for help there were more helicopters available the problem will be solved immediately BOOBs They have considered down the factory because of continuous losses. closing to close they close in closing closed moow> | Participants of the state university entrance test, are high-school graduates from Java, are competing for a limited number of seats. which most of them a great number most of who the majority a lot of them moOpD Proponents of solar energy wonder funded so few research projects. why the government has has the government why has the government about the government why the government was BoOp> 35. At last I could finish sorting all these letters out, and Iam going to get them mailed right away. ‘The sentence means A. someone is going to mail the letters if he finished B. if finished, I am going to mail the letters C. someone is going to mail the letters unless I have finished sorting them out D. someone is going to mail the letters for me E. before being mailed, the letters need to be sorted out 36. Mother: “Do you want meatballs or fried chicken?” Mother asked me s whether I want meatballs or fried chicken that I wanted meatballs or fried chicken whether I wanted meatballs or fried chicken that I want meatballs or fried chicken if | want meatballs or fried chicken rooD> They left two hours ago, so they should be here soon. ‘The statement that is similar in meaning A. They left two hours ago, so they must be here soon B. They left two hours ago, so they're likely to be here soon C. They left two hours ago, so they’ve ever here soon D. They left two hours ago, so they will be here soon E. They left two hours ago, so they must have been here soon 38. Nikita : “This telegram is for my husband. He is out on duty.” “What do you recommend me to do?” Milka : “Why don’t you ring him and tell him that a telegram has arrived?” In the dialogue above, Nikita is asking for Milka’s . curiosity agreement permission information advice room> 39. “Until now I haven't found any decent place to live in” A. Idon’t mind sharing my flat with you B. Well, I'm very fortunate C. You have to find a better one D. You shouldn’t stay in your old place E. I guess you like the place don't you 40. SECTION 2: Direction: In questions Many people in the world are against the construction of nuclear plants in their neighborhood for fear of accidents that may harm their lives, nevertheless, most recently established stations are closed there is no future for nuclear power industry government insists on using nuclear power as alternative energy people still prefer various traditional kinds of energy nuclear energy has many disadvantages over traditional ones. mOOD> VOCABULARY (41-50) 41 — 50 each sentence has an underlined word or phrase. Below each sentence are five other words or phrases, marked A, B, C, D, and E. You are to choose one word or phrase that keeps the meaning of the original sentences if it substitutes for the underlined word or phrase. Pilihlah jawaban yang maknanya sama dengan kata atau frasa yang digarisbawahi pada tiap soal berikut (41-50). 41. 42, 43. We decided to pay for the furniture on the installment plan. cash and carry piece by piece credit card bank note monthly payment pPoOwP> Picasso was a well-known cubist painter A. artistic B. celebrated C. colorful D. knowledgeable E. brilliant The inquiry concerning the accident was handled by the police in chief. A. gossip inquisitiveness recording investigation eagerness moa 44.Nearly half of the town's inhabitants are descendants of indigenous civilizations, A. native B. backward C. hard-working D. poor E. diligent 45. That area of the country is laced with large and often dangerous river. . decorated evolved diluted elaborated crisscrossed moOR> 46. The tornado caused irreparable damage to the Florida citrus erop. A. irresolute B. irrecoverable C. irresponsible D. irregular E. unsettled 47. The spy used a fictitious name while dealing with the enemy. . funny real foreign extraneous false moopp in’s doctor said he was obese and had to take immediate measures to the problem. ‘=memic today eradicate diseases before they become too Halaman 10 dari 12 uot 50. She didn’t say much, but her tone of voice insinuated more. blamed demanded intervened suggested expected Poop SECTION 3: READING COMPREHENSION (51-60) Direction: Questions 51 through 55 are based on the following reading. ‘The space race is not simply the objective search for knowledge. It is often made out to be. It is just extension of the race for power on earth. Only the wealthiest nations can compete, and they do so in the name of scientific research. But in reality, all they are interested in is power and prestige. They want to impress us, their spectators, with a ‘magnificent show of strength. Man has played the power game ever since he appeared on earth. Now they are playing it as it has never been played before. The space race is just another aspect of the age-old argument that “might is right”. We are often told that technological know-how, acquired in attempting to get us into the orbit, will be utilized to make life better on earth. But what has the space race done to relieve the suffering of the earth’s starving millions? In what way has it raised the standard of living of any one of us? As far as the layman is concerned, the practical results of all the expenditure of money and effort are negligible. Thanks to space research, we can now see television pictures transmitted live half-way across the globe, and the housewife can use non- stick frying-pans in the kitchen. The whole thing becomes utterly absurd when you think that no matter what problems man overcomes, it is unlikely that he will ever be able to travel to even the nearest star. Poverty, hunger, disease, and war are man’s greatest enemies, and the world would be an infinitely better place if the powerful nations devoted half as much money and effort to these problems as they do the space race. For the first time in this history, man has the overwhelming technological resources to combat human suffering, yet he wasted them on meaningless pursuits. According to the writer, the abject of space race should be A. the search for scientific knowledge BS the competition for power © Se search for objects in space BD. Se extension of a powerful race E Tiemece for technological knowhow Halaman 11 dari 13 Halaman . The passage says that the wealthiest nations join the space race in order to impress us with their knowledge make the world a better place express their interest in scientific research compete in the power game make the better life of the nations moop> We may conclude that other countries do not participate in the space race because A. they are affaid to lose the power game B. they lack the necessary resources and manpower C. they are not interested in power and prestige D. they do not receive any benefit from the space race E, They are focusing on poverty alleviation 54. The words “meaningless pursuits” refer to powerful nations technological resources man’s greatest enemies moowp> 35. The main idea of the third paragraph is .. the space race is a waste of time and money poverty, hunger, disease, and war are our greatest enemies great nations should help to relieve human suffering powerful nations should devote half their money to the space race the technological resources are important in space race mMoOOw> Questions 56 through 60 are based on the following reading. ‘The village of Van Hai in Thailand is surrounded by valuable teak trees, but the villagers are forbidden to chop down any to sell to dealers. The law, however, does not prevent a villager from selling his own house. So the canny village builds a house next to his own, made entirely of teak, then sells it to one of the merchants who drive up from Chiang Mai. This dealer merely dismantles it and carts away the timber. The villagers normally have large families, and they explain their need for an extra house to the authorities by claiming that they need more room for growing children. Whea they build the extra dwelling, they knock the nails in lightly so the planks can easily be removed, You may call it a cottage industry. 56. The villagers s “A. are not allowed to sell teak trees to dealers but they are allowed to build ‘their houses out of teak are not allowed to chop down teak trees but are allowed to sell their own “houses ‘not permitted to sell anything to dealers except their own houses ‘are canny are allowed to build their houses out of teak and sell them ot allowed to build their houses out of teak and sell them “canny” means Z Halaman 13 dari 13 Halaman

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