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Definisi tenses dan contohnya Disusun untuk memenuhi tugas softskill bahasa inggris


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Tenses adalah suatu bentuk dari kata kerja (verb) yang menunjukkan waktu suatu tindakan dalam kalimat bahasa inggris misalnya waktu lampau (past), sekarang (present), akan datang (future). Berdasarkan pembagian waktu tersebut, dibentukalah tiga kelompok tenses utama yang masing-masing dirinci lagi untuk menyatakan tindakan dalam waktu yang lebih spesifik. Tenses is a form of the verb (verb) which shows the time an action in the English sentence such as the past tense (past), current (present), will come (future). Based on time division, the main tenses dibentukalah three groups, each broken down again to express the action in a specific time (according to Zuhdi Najib) Tenses adalah suatu kata kerja (verb ) yang menunjukkan suatu bentuk tindakan dalam suatu waktu tertentu dalam kalimat bahasa inggris yang biasanya dibagi dalam tiga waktu yaitu, lampau(past) ,sekarang (present) ,dan akan datang (future) dalam ketiga bagian waktu tersebut dapat dibagi lagi ke dalam 4 bagian yakni simple,continuous,perfect,dan perfect continuous tense is a verb (verb) to show a form of action within a certain time in the English sentences are usually divided into three times, namely, past (past), current (present), and will come (future) in all three parts of the can be divided into four parts, namely simple, continuous, perfect, perfect and continuous.(according betty schrampher azar) Tenses adalah suatu bentuk tindakan yang dibagi dalam 3 bentuk waktu past (lampau),present (sekarang),dan akan datang (future). dan dapat dirinci lagi ke dalam bentuk yang lebih spesifik lagi dengan melihat dari terjadinya waktu tindakan / kejadian tersebut . Tenses is a form of action is divided into three forms of the past (past), present (now), and future (future). and can be broken down again into a more specific form by looking at the time of the action / event ( according marie ellen).

JENIS-JENIS TENSES : (menurut nadjib zuhdi) PRESENT Simple present tense Present continuous (progressive) tense Present perfect tense Present perfect continuous tense PAST Simple past tense

past continuous tense past perfect past perfect continuous tense FUTURE

simple future tense future continuous tense furure perfect tense future perfect continuous tense PAST FUTURE

past future tense past future continuous tense past future perfect tense past future perfect continuous tense

CONTOH CONTOH KALIMAT DALAM TENSES : 1 PRESENT TENSE a postman delivers letters we always read magazines a man walks with his feet

present continuous tense I am sitting on a chair It is raining now We are studying english

Present perfect tense You have told me before She has never seen a tiger They have been japan many times

Present perfect continuous tense I am tired because I have been playing tennis for 2 hours I have been waiting for 2 hours I have been reading this book for a month

Simple past tense I walked to school yesterday The girl ate much ice cream this morning They had a car last year

Past continuous tense I was reading a news paper when my father came home When he left the sun was shining brightly The children were playing football when we saw then

Past perfect tense I had seen the film before I when to Jakarta The man finnaly died after had been sick for several weeks They told us that they had met her somewhere before

Past perfect continuous tense They had been living in france for 5 years when the war began She had been sleeping for a while when her husband returned home How long had she been sleeping when her husband returned home?

Simple future tense I shall see you tonight He will speak English well soon They will do their homework tomorrow

10 Future continuous tense 11 I ll be sleeping at 12 oclock tonight They ll be syudying at school when you come tomorrow He ll writing letters all morning next Sunday Future perfect tense You will have spoken English well by the end of next year. The thief will have disappeared When the police arrive there


The workers will have finished the bridge in two months Future perfect continuous tense Mr. smith will have been teaching for 30 years next January Will captain nelson have been sailing for the whole year next month Mr mith wont have been teaching for 30 years next January.

13 Past future tense If I were you I should marry her He said that he would go abroad this week Would you marry that woman if you were rich?

14 Past future continuous tense They told us that they would be having dinner when we visited them that night They told us that they would be playing football when we back to home last nigt They told us that they would be watching you when we intermission already

15 Past future perfect tense You would have met a lot of friends if you attended the party last night If it hadnt rained we should have gone to the beach yesterday you wouldnt have met a lot of friends if you attended the party last night

16 Past future perfect continuous tense She expected that her baby would have been sleeping for hours when she arrived home I hope to watch that film should have been back to school. My brother is a university student would have been to manager in my company.

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