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Materi Pembelajaran
 Asking for directions (meminta arah)
Ungkapan yang digunakan seseorang untuk meminta petunjuk dan arah untuk pergi ke suatu
 Giving the directions (memberitahu arah)
Ungkapan yang digunakan seseorang untuk memberikan petunjuk atau arah suatu tempat.

Ini adalah beberapa kosa kata yang sangat berguna dalam meminta/ bertanya tentang arah/ petunjuk
dalam Bahasa Ingris.  (asking directions in English).
How do I get to …? (Bagaimana saya bisa…?)
What’s the best way to …?  (Apa cara terbaik untuk…?)
What’s the quickest way of getting to your office? 
(Apa  cara tercepat untuk menuju kantor Anda?)
Where is …? (Dimana …?)
Can you tell me the best way of getting to your office?  
(Bisa Anda ceritakan cara terbaik untuk bisa ke kantor Anda?)

Beberapa frasa untuk menunjukkan arah

1. Go straight on (until you come to …).
2. Turn back./Go back.
3. Turn left/right (into …-street)
4. Go along ….
5. Cross …
6. signpost
7. Opposite
8. Near
9. Between
10. Next to …
11. at the end (of)
12. on/at the corner (of)
13. across from
14. traffic lights
15. behind
16. in front of, in back of, in the middle of
17. Take the first/second road on the left/right
18. It’s on the left/right.. / (to) (on) the right/left of
19. To be (is) located/situated
20. (just) around the corner

Getting information (mendapatkan informasi)

“Will you be coming by car or by train?”
“It’s much easier if you take the train.”
“Which hotel are you staying at?”
General information in English (Informasi umum dalam bahasa Inggris)
“We’re not far from…” or “We’re quite close to…”
“It’s about a mile / kilometre / two blocks from…”
“We’re opposite / next to / in front of / across the road from / round the corner from the

Contoh dalam memberikan arah

 “It’s signposted ‘Manchester’.”
 “Follow the signs to …”
 “There’s a one-way system in the centre of town.”
 “Take the ‘A12′ to ‘Chelmsford’.”
 “Go straight on / left / right at the lights / at the roundabout /at the junction of … and …”
 “Go past the supermarket.”
 “You’ll come to / see …”
 “It’s the first turning on the right after the bank.”

Contoh dialog dalam menanyakan dan memberitahu arah

Dialog 1
Man: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the
bank? (Permisi. Dapatkah Anda memberitahu saya dalam perjalanan ke bank?)
You: Yes, sure. Turn left at the end of this street. (Ya, pasti Belok kiri di ujung jalan)
Man: At the traffic lights? (Dilampu merah)
You: Yes. Then go as far as the roundabout. (Ya, Kemudian pergi sejauh bundaran.)
Man: And at the roundabout? (Dan setelah roundabout?)
You: Turn right at the roundabout into Dee Road. (Belok kanan dari roundabout masuk kejalan Dee.)
Man: OK … right at the roundabout. (Ok. Sebelah kanan roundabout.)
You: Go down Dee Road. The bank’s on the left. (Turun dijalan DEE. Banknya disebelah kiri.)
Man: Thank you. (terimakasih)
You: Goodbye. (Selamat tinggal)
Task 1
4. Ryan : Can you tell me how to get to the nearest restaurant?

Hani : _____ maybe you can ask the policeman over there.

A. Yes, there is one across the street

B. Next to library

C. Behind the hotel

D. I’m sorry. I don’t live here.

5. Fino : Can you tell me where Doni’s house is?

Nanda : Just go along Mulawarman street.

From the dialogue we know that …

A. Nanda knows where Doni’s house is

B. They will go to Doni’s house

C. Fino knows where Doni’s house

D. Nanda doesn’t know where Doni’s house

6. Stranger :Excuse me _______ where the nearest post office?

Carly : Follow this way until second traffict light. It is on your left beside Padang restaurant.

Stranger : Thank you

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …

A. Can I help you find

B. Could I tell you the way

C. Could you come with me

D. Could you show me

7. Ali : ……. I’m looking for the Bell Theater.

Billy : Oh. That’s right around the corner, on the left side of the street.

Ali : Thanks

A. Where is
B. Hi
C. Excuse me
D. I’m sorry

8. Jihan : Excuse me. I’m looking for MX Mall.

Sarah : MX Mall? Do you know the….

Jihan : Yes, It’s 101 Harper.

A. Place
B. Location
C. Spot
D. Address

9. Bob : Can you tell me where SMK 11 is?

Mr. Adi : It’s …… Jl. Pelabuhan bakahuni number 1.

A. In
B. On
C. At
D. Of

10. Stranger : ….you show me the post office?

Tina : Yes, off course

A. Might
B. Can
C. Must
D. Should

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