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Satuan Pendidikan : SMAN 1 Lambitu

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/Semester : X / Ganjil
Tahun Pelajaran : 2018/2019
Materi : Congratulating and complimenting others

A. Identitas :
Nama Siswa :
Nama Kelompok :
Anggota : 1.

B. Kompetensi Dasar
3.2 Menerapkan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks interaksi
interpersonal lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberikan ucapan selamat
dan memuji bersayap (extended), serta menanggapinya, sesuai dengan konteks

4.2 Menyusun teks interaksi interpersonal lisan dan tulis sederhana yang melibatkan
tindakan memberikan ucapan selamat dan memuji bersayap (extended), dan
menanggapinya dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur
kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks.

C. Indikator Pencapaian Kompetensi
3.2.1. Mengidentifikasi struktur teks, unsur kebahasaan dan fungsi sosial untuk
mengucapkan selamat dan memuji bersayap serta responnya pada teks lisan dan
tulis yang tersedia.
3.2.2. Menggunakan ungkapan selamat dan memuji bersayap
4.2.1. Membuat percakapan singkat tertulis dengan menggunakan ungkapan ucapan
selamat dan memuji bersayap.
4.2.2. Memperagakan percakapan yang telah disusun di depan kelas.

D. Tujuan Pembelajaran
Setelah menyelesaikan serangkaian kegiatan pembelajaran dengan menggunakan metode
saintifik, siswa diharapkan dapat mengidentifikasi struktur teks, unsur kebahasaan, fungsi
sosial, menggunakan, menyusun, membuat dan memperagakan percakapan singkat ungkapan
selamat dan memuji bersayap serta responnya pada teks lisan dan tulis yang tersedia dengan
benar, lancar dan penuh percaya diri sesuai konteks.

E. Petunjuk
Berdoalah sebelum mengerjakan.
Bacalah semua instruksi dengan jelas.

F. Materi Pertemuan pertama Congratulating

By congratulating someone we are telling them that we are pleased to hear about good luck
or achievements.

In congratulating, people may make more than one move, for example, “Congratulations!
You deserved it, Man.” Similarly, in responding to congratulating expressions, people do not
only make one move, like “Thank you very much.” Usually they also say something else
such as “This is because you always help me”.

Social function of congratulating someone
- To develop interaction and communication with others.
- To express our happiness or positive feelings about their success, and also to maintain good
relationship among friends, classmate, fellow workers, collages, etc.
- To respond someone’s achievement or success.

Structure of congratulations
When we give congratulations, we may say more than one word or one sentence. Look at
the following example!
Congratulations! You are great.
Congratulating Extension
The extension can be expression of complimenting.
In dialogue, we can conclude that the structure of congratulating someone is:
A: giving congratulations
B: thanking
Language features of giving congratulations
The following are some expressions of congratulations.
 Congratulations on your wedding.
 Congratulations on your graduation.
 Congratulations on your success. Fantastic!
 That’s wonderful news!
 What great news!
 That’s fantastic!
 I’m really pleased to hear about your graduation.
 Fantastic! Well done!
 May we congratulate you on …
 I must congratulate you on …
 I congratulate you on…
 Please accept my warmest congratulations.
 Congratulations on your …

 This calls for a celebration. Congratulations! Well done or great job. Good luck !
Happy birthday Many happy returns

We can use the following responses.

 Thank you very much.
 That’s very kind of you.
 Thanks, the same to you.
 I don’t know what to say.
 How nice of you to say so.
 Oh, it’s nothing special, actually.
 Oh, not really.

Materi Pertemuan Kedua : Complimenting

Compliment is an expression to appreciate or praise other people. Compliment is useful
to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve
their performance.
When to express compliment:
- On daily basis,
- When someone has done his/her best,
- When you visit someone’s house for the first time,
- If you notice something new about someone’s appearance.
Can you think of other situation when you need to compliment?

Complimenting others
 Social function
o Compliments express approval and are aimed at showing that you like some
aspects of the other person’s appearance, belonging or work. It is also to
appreciate other people.
o Whom to Compliment:

 Anyone you have occasion to talk with (friends, family, colleagues, and
even strangers)
o What to Compliment
 On someone’s appearance: new car, new haircut, a piece of jewelry, etc.
 On a person of his or her achievement/good deed: ‘You’ve done a great
 On someone’s possession: ‘What a beautiful house you have.’
 On a person of his or her works/creation: ‘The meal was delicious’.
o How to Compliment in formal situation :
- I would like compliment you on …
- I think your (hair) is very nice.
- I just love your (dress).
- The (chicken) is very delicious.
- I really like your (skirt).
- This (cheese) is super.
- That’s neat.
- That’s nice.
- That’s not bad.
o How to Compliment in informal situation
- Terrific.
- Pretty good.
- OK!
- All right.

o Response to Compliment :
- Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.
- Thank you but really isn’t anything special.
- Thank you. Yours is even nicer.
- I’m glad you like it.
- I appreciate that.
- Do you really think so?

- Thank you.
o Returning Compliment :
- It’s nice to hear that from someone with your experience.
- Yours is nice, too.
- (It’s enough to say ‘Thank you” to a compliment. No further reply is


 Language features

1. How + Adjective + Noun + is/are.

How beautiful the flower is.
How big the house is.
How kind your friends are.
2. What + Adjective + Noun.:
What a beautiful flower!
What a big house!
What a high mount!

3. Noun Phrase + is/look + (really) + Adjective.

Your hair is really beautiful
The woman’s bag looks wonderful
The actor’s performance on the stage is really attractive

4. Noun/Pronoun + (really) + like/love + Noun Phrase.

We all really love your performance

All teachers really love your commitments
His father really like his test result


First Meeting


Write down the English words for the following Indonesian words. Compare your work to your

Ce _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (verb) : merayakan

_ _ _ _ _ ve _ _ _ _ (noun) : prestasi/ pencapaian

_ _ _ _ t (noun) : rok

_ _ _ u _ _ (noun) : blus, kemeja wanita

_ er _ _ _ _ _ (adjective) : (informal) sangat bagus

_ _ nt _ _ _ (noun) : isi

En _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ nt : penyemangat

_ pp _ _ _ _ _ _ _ : penampakan, penampilan

App _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ : penghargaan

_ _ _ _ _ _ us : (informal) indah, atraktif

Activity 1

Read the dialog of expressing congratulation and take turn practicing with your friends then
complete the following table with the expression of congratulating and responses you have found
in the conversation.

Text 1
After a long struggle and hard work, Alif is finally appointed as the director of a national
company where he works. Many of his friends who work at the same company congratulate him.
Samuel : Alif, congratulations. You deserved it, man.
Alif : Thank you very much. This is because you always help me.
Sinta : I am very happy for you, Alif. Now, that you are the director of the company, I
believe the company will develop even faster.
Alif : (replies with a happy tone) thank you. I cannot forget your collaboration with
me, and I will still need your help.
Other friends shake his hands and congratulate him too.
Deni : That’s wonderful, Alif.
Alif : Oh, thanks.
Santi : Good for you. Good luck.
Alif : Thank you very much.
Bejo : Well done.
Alif : Thank you for saying so.
Ivan : That was great. You must be very proud of your achievement.
Alif : Thanks. I’m glad you think so. But I still have to learn a lot.
His staffs also congratulate him.
Eny : Please accept my warmest congratulations, Sir.
Alif : It’s very kind of you to say so. Thank you.
Bintari : I must congratulate you on your success.
Alif : Thank you very much for saying so.
They all celebrate Alif’s success by having lunch together in a simple food stall next to their
office. Everybody is happy.

Answer the following questions based on text 1.
1. Why do all of those people congratulate Alif?
2. What expressions do they use to congratulate Alif?
3. How does Alif respond to their congratulating expressions?
4. What is the social purpose of congratulating people?
5. When do we congratulate people?
6. What are the expressions commonly used to congratulate people?

Text 2
Cita has won the first winner of the storytelling competition in her school. Her best friend
congratulated her.
Ditto : Cita, congratulations for being the first winner of the school storytelling competition!
Excellent, you really did it well.
Cita : Thanks, Ditto.
Ditto : I heard that you will be the representative of our school in the storytelling competition
of our regency. Is it true?
Cita : Yes, you’re right.
Ditto : I hope you will win as well in the next competition.
Cita : I hope so. But I’m nervous.
Ditto : Don’t worry; you’re a very good storyteller. Good luck.
Cita : Thanks. I’ll do my best. Wish me luck. Congratulations! You deserved it, Man. Thank
you very much. Your support means a lot.

Answer the following questions based on text 2:

1. What good news about Dita does Ditto know?

2. What does Ditto say to Dita related to the news?
3. What do the expressions mean?
4. What is Ditto’s purpose of saying that to Dita?
5. How does Dita respond to what Ditto says?
6. When do you think you will say ‘congratulations’ to other people?

Complete the following table with the expression of congratulating and responses you have
found in the conversation in text 1 and text 2

No Text 1 Text 2
Congratulating Responses Congratulating Responses
Expression Expression


Complete the blank in the dialogs using the words in the box

good luck what’s new

it’s good thanks a lot
wonderful popular business
congratulations I’m glad you think so
new haircut mentioning
1.Dina : Hi, Yuni. What’s your
daughter doing these
Yuni : Oh, she’s in college.
In fact, she plans to
graduate this June.
Dina :
(1) You must be very
proud of her.
2. Fuad :Hi Abdel.
_________________? (2)
Abdel : Oh, I’m going to take
the driving test
Fuad : That’s great, Abdel
_________________! (3)

3. Tuti : How is your business,
Ria : ________ (4) I’ve sold
100 items these two
Tuti : Congratulations!
That’s a
___________________ (5)
right now.
Ria :___________________(6).
4. Rudi : You look gorgeous
in this wedding dress!
__________________ (7).
Ian : Thank you very
much, ______________
(8) so.

5. Ihsan : You look so cute in

Ali : Oh, thanks for
________________ (10)
that. By the way,
congratulations for
the 1st prize.
Great job, Man!
Ihsan : Thanks.


Create a dialogue using expression congratulating based on these situations (choose one), then
demonstrate on the front of the class!
1. Your sister has graduated from a university.
2. Your father got a new job.
3. Your brother is getting married.
4. Your mother has a new baby
5. Your classmate won a drawing competition

Second Meeting



Discuss the following questions with your friends! Then write in a piece of paper!
1. Have you ever given a compliment?
2. When did you do it?
3. Why do you think you should do it?
4. To whom did you do it?
5. How did you express it?
6. How did you feel doing it?
7. How do you feel when someone gives you a compliment?
8. What can we learn from given and accepting compliments in our daily life?


Complete the following conversation with your own word related to the expression of

Conversation 1
Rani : Hi, Anisa.
Anisa : Hi, you look great in that pink head scarf. What a nice scarf!
Rani : _________________-(1) to say that.
Anisa : I’ve never seen you in that hat. Where did you buy it?
Rani : My mom bought it for me when she went to the market.
Anisa : I see.
Rani : Look. The teacher is coming!
Anisa : Pak Sultoni.
Mr. Sultoni : Hi, how are you?
Rani : We’re good. Thanks.
Anisa : Excellent.

Rani : _________________ (2) haircut, Pak Sultoni.
Anisa : Yes, you’re looking good with your hairstyle.
Mr. Sultoni : Thanks a lot. Rani, I heard you won the Math Olympiad. Is it true?
Rani : Yes, I won the second prize last week.
Anisa : ________________ (3)
Mr. Sultoni : ____________ (4) to hear that.
Rani : Thank you very much for saying so.

Conversation 2
Rudi : Hi Ben. How are you?
Ben : Hi, you look great in that black jacket.
Rudi : _______________________ (1) saying so.
Ben : I’ve never seen you in that outfit. Is it new?
Rudi : My sister bought it for me when she went to Singapore.
Ben : Oh, I see.
Rudi : Look. What a nice new hairstyle! Where did you have a haircut? I like it a lot.
Ben : _____________________ (2) think so. My brother did it. I can ask him to do
yours if you want to.
Rudi : Yes, please. Look! Andi is coming.
Ben : Hi Andi, I heard you won the Speech Contest last month. Congratulations!
_________________ (3)
Rudi : Fantastic! It’s a great job, bro!
Andi : Oh, thanks. It’s ____________________ (4) act

Activity 1

Look at the pictures and read the dialogues


Fill in the table based on the dialogues above! Number 1 has been done for you.

No Situation How to implementing Responses

1 The boy just played What a wonderful Thank you
his guitar performance

Mix n Match

a. You look great!

b. Thank you very much for your compliment
c. Congratulation
d. What a nice dress
e. Yu are looking glamorous
f. Well done

Look at the phrases and match them to the correct situation

1. You compliment someone on their appearance ____________

2. You say nice things about your friends’ dress _____________
3. Your colleague is very fashionable and well dressed ______________
4. Your friend has just passed an important exam ____________
5. Your brother has gotten an award _____________
6. You thank your friend for their compliment _______________

Activity 2
Read these conversations carefully, then answer the questions.
Rahmi : Hello. How are things going on, Sinta?

Sinta : Hi. Good, and you?

Rahmi : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend with your family in Batu?

Sinta : Excellent! We had a lovely time there. You should have gone there with us.

Rahmi : Really? Hey, what a beautiful skirt you are wearing. It matches your blouse.

Sinta : Thanks a lot. My sister bought it for me last month.

Rahmi : Wow! That’s wonderful.

Sinta : Oh, Rahmi, can I ask you something?

Rahmi : Oh, sure. Please.

Sinta : Have you finished writing the book we discussed two months ago?

Rahmi : Yes. Come to my room. Look at this. What do you think?

Sinta : Terrific. I like the cover. Let me see the contents. This book is excellent. You
really did a great job.

Rahmi : Thanks a lot. You’ve inspired me to do this.

Sinta : Your publisher should send it to all bookstores here.

Rahmi : Yes, you’re right. The publisher will do it for me.

Sinta : Well, that’s great. I am proud of you, Rahmi. By the way, I’ve got to go now.
Have a nice day!

Rahmi : You, too.

Answer the questions based on the text above!

1. How was Sinta’s weekend?

2. How does Rahmi compliment Sinta’s clothes?
3. What does Sinta think about Rahmi’s book they discussed two months ago?
4. How does Rahmi respond her compliment about the book?
5. Underline all the phrases that express compliments and their responses.


Create a dialogue using expression of compliment based on these situations (choose one), then
demonstrate in the front of the class!
1. Your classmate wears a brown sweater. He looks great in it.
2. You and your classmate attend a birthday party. Your classmate wears a nice suit.
3. Your friend has a new nice haircut.
4. Your mother makes a delicious meal.
5. You get a nice gift from your friend on your birthday.


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