RENCANA PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN Nama Sekolah Mata Pelajaran Kelas/Semester : SMA Negeri 1 Cawang : Bahasa Inggris : X/Genap

Standar Kompetensi: Menulis 6. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks tulis fungsional pendek dan essay sederhana berbentuk recount, narrative, dan procedure dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari. Kompetensi Dasar: 6.2. Mengungkapkan makna dan langkah-langkah retorika secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa tulis dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk: recount, narrative, dan procedure. Indikator: - Siswa mampu menggunakan simple past tense. - Siswa mampu mengidentifikasikan sinyal simple past tense. - Siswa mampu melengkapi teks yang berpola simple past tense. Jenis teks Aspek/skill Alokasi waktu : Teks fungsional pendek (narative text). : Menulis, berbicara, dan grammar. : 2 x 40 menit.

A. Tujuan Pembelajaran Pada akhir pembelajaran siswa mampu: 1. menggunakan simple past tense. 2. mengidentifikasikan sinyal simple past tense. 3. melengkapi kata yang kosong pada teks yang berpola simple past tense. B. Materi Pembelajaran - Simpe past tense is a verb form that is used to express one action which happened or took place at a particular time in the past. Pola simple past tense: (+) S + V2 + O/C (-) S + did not + O/C (?) Did + S + O/C? * Was: He, She, It, Dona. Were: They, We, You, Jack and Anna

(+) S + was/were* + O/C (-) S + was/were* + O/C (?) Was?Were* + O/C

- Time signals: yesterday, last ..., ... ago, etc.

C. Metode/Teknik Pembelajaran PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) TPR (Total Physical Response) D. Langkah-langkah Pembelajaran Kegiatan Awal:  Guru memberikan salam dan mengisi absensi.  Guru bertanya tentang pengalaman atau kegiatan siswa di waktu lampau. Kegiatan Inti:  Guru menjelaskan pola simple past tense.  Guru memberikan contoh narrative text berpola simple past tense.  Guru memberikan latihan kepada siswa.  Guru dan siswa bersama-sama Kegiatan Akhir:  Guru dan siswa menyimpulkan pelajaran hari itu, Guru : What have we learnt today? Siswa : ............................... Guru : What is the function of simple past tense? Siswa : ............................... Guru : What are the time signals of simple past tense? Siswa : ............................... E. Sumber Belajar - Look Ahead 1 - A Basic English Grammar Exercise - - Slide Power Point F. Penilaian - Teknis - Bentuk - Instrumen

: Tes Tertulis : Mengisi titik-titik : Terlampir

Mengetahui, Kepala Sekolah

Guru Mata Pelajaran

Drs. H. Suprai, M.Pd NIP. 130 685 564

Weina Agnestya Fauline S,Pd NIP. 091 215 0002


Put the verb into the correct form! J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books. J.K.'s name is Joanne Kathleen. She __________ (be) born in 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England. Joanne __________ (live) with her parents and her sister. The Rowling family __________ (is) not rich. Joanne __________ (not go) to special school. She __________ (is) a quiet child. She __________ (love) to read and write stories. Joanne __________ (go) to Exeter University, and she __________ (finish) in 1987. She __________ (work) in different offices. In her free time, she __________ (write) stories. In 1990, Joanne's mother __________ (die). Joanne __________ (be) sad, and she __________ (want) to leave England. She __________ (see) a job in the newspaper for an English teacher. The job __________ (is) in Portugal. She __________ (have) an interview, and she __________ (get) the job. In Portugal, Joanne __________ (marry) a Portuguese man. The next year, Joanne __________ (have) a daughter, but she __________ (not, is) happy in her marriage. She __________ (leave) Portugal with her daughter and __________ (go) to live to Edinburgh, Scotland, near her sister. Life __________ (is) difficult for Joanne. She __________ (take) care of her daughter. She __________ (be) alone, and nobody __________ (help) her. She __________ (not, have) money and job. She __________ (live) in a small apartment and __________ (begin) to write stories again. Joanne __________ (think) about the Harry Potter story many years ago on a train. Joanne __________ (like) to go a coffee shop to write. She __________ (sit) there for many hours. She __________ (drink) coffee and __________ (write). Her daughter __________ (sleep) beside her. After five years, Joanne __________ (finish) writing the first Harry Potter book. She __________ (send) it to many publishers. They all said that they __________ (not, like) it. Finally, a publisher __________ (like) it, but the publisher said, "This is a children's book. Adults won't read. You won't make a lot of money." Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone __________ (is) in the bookstores. J.K.Rowling __________ (is) very happy. Her dream to publish her book __________ (come) true. The book __________ (is) famous all over the world. Now Harry Potter book is in forty-two languages. The publisher __________ (is) wrong about one thing: Everyone loves Harry Potter–children and adults. Over 100 million books were sold in 1999. Then two Harry Potter books __________ (become) movies. J.K.Rowling __________ (write) three more Harry Potter books after that. People all over the world want more Harry Potter. And what is J.K.Rowling doing now? She is writing another book!

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